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Friday, February 17, 2012

My February 2012 iMance, Life Habits Podcast

I know I wax on about my Filofax and all things retro but I don't have an aversion to things techy either.  I've spoken about the  love I have for my iPhone before and I want to elaborate.  

I'm not all that into music; even when I listen to the radio it's mostly talk radio.  I like listening to people -- Learning, absorbing... Considering things that haven't occurred to me before.  I love to think.

 What I do most with my iPhone is listen to podcasts and download apps.  In some ways my iPhone is the best toy I've ever played with and I want to highlight some  things I have an ongoing iMance with...

My favorite podcast is called Life Habits and it's hosted by Karel Vredenburg.  He "provides information, insights and advice to help you learn new habits to  optimize your life and stay sane in this crazy world. "

It is wonderful, informative,  spot on and without a doubt my favorite podcast of this genre.   His website (here) says:

Karel has spent much of his life observing people interacting with others, their world, and themselves; read widely about improving the human condition, optimizing the interactions between people, and driving effective organizational change; and practiced what he's learned. He has Ph.D. level training in Psychology and Cognitive Science, has taught university, conducted research, and has worked for a major multinational corporation for over 20 years and is currently director of design. Karel has taught, led, managed, and mentored thousands of people over the years. He's also a father of four with kids ranging in age from 10 to 21. Reflections on the formal and informal mentoring he's done over the years has led to the realization that he has insights, thoughts, and experiences that would be beneficial to share in this podcast series. Enjoy.

I can't say enough how much I agree with " he has insights, thoughts, and experiences that would be beneficial to share in this podcast series. Enjoy."  He does, and I do.

I did a print screen from iTunes to show some of the topics he's done, it's extensive - He takes requests from listeners, too.

There's more!

And there's even more then I've shown here...

I'm always looking for this kind of podcast and try new ones when I find them but they are never as good as Life Habits.    I love the format and Karel's easy conversational style.    Even his pleasant voice adds something to the listening experience.  

Life Habits is a podcast anything called self-help should be; it's educational without being dry, it's applicable to daily life, and it positive.  

People should never be done learning; especially about themselves.  Thanks, Kerel!  I look forward to every new podcast you do and listen to old ones over and over.    


Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream, a joy morning and night

My Naturopathica all-inclusive regimen is working out well and it's time for another product spotlight.  

 But first, the entire  kit I'm using contains a morning and evening cleanser, a daily moisturizer and a full sized Plant Stem Cell treatment ($48 on it's own and a pore-shrinking miracle that I wrote about here .)

But onto the spotlight!

Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream

From the website:  This ultra-rich make up remover and cleansing cream melts on the skin to remove dirt and grime while leaving a protective moisture barrier on the skin.
SKIN TYPE: Age Defense
HERO INGREDIENT: Lupine Protein: extracted from Sweet White Lupine, this active ingredient is high in powerful oligosaccharides and glutaminated peptides.  These amino acid chains stimulate a repair response in the skin, amping up collagen production and improving barrier function making them an important ally for mature skin.

I look forward to using this morning and night.  The clean, herbal smell  and it's smooth feel make it a real delight.  The directions: Apply a pea size amount to moist skin and gently massage. Rinse....  Couldn't be easier.   Frequently I put it on before my bath and sit with it, I love the smell.  I usually remove it with a warm wash cloth and my skin feels very soft and moisturized afterwards.

The large size Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream is $38, the whole travel   kit  is $65  so it's a great try me offer.  


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Filofax Debulkafication

This week Philofaxy brought up journaling in a Filofax; something I'd love to do but where would I get the real estate?   I mean, I'm back in Mr. Malden, purely due to ring size, and even if I consolidate somewhere there's certainly no room for rambling prose.

Other discussions that got my attention were about the various Weekly inserts.  I've used the Week on Two Pages but because of the way I write  to-do lists I don't need  much space on the Weeklies.

BeFunky Viewfinder 5 on iPhone

I write out a list daily but it's not just to-do,  it might also include groceries I need to pick up, people's phone numbers, books I want to check out,  or something that needs to be recorded in another area.   

 I write anything and everything I want to remember that day on my daily lists.  Because of this, the weekly sheets are something I just scan for appointments.   At first I thought the  Week on one Page would work but I'm not sure I need that much either.

I was stuck in a  What to do? What to do? loop when I recalled some 2012 Day Runner inserts (and a ruler) purchased for my Personal Portand.  Besides having to clip off the bottom corner they are working.  

BeFunky Retro on iPhone

You can see how much smaller they are.   I don't know if they will give me room overall, but I'll know soon enough.

BeFunky Vibrance on iPhone

Seems I lost the inserts after March but if they work well and cut down the bulk, I could buy something in the same format.

I'd not considered using personal sized inserts in my A5 but it would expand my choice of inserts.  There are more compatible inserts for the personal sized Filofax across different brands while you almost always have to re-punch anything similar to a Filofax A5 Binder.  

It can be done, I've done it but you end up with something very confusamafied looking.   

I'm giving the personal inserts till March and if this works I might even be able to squeak in a journaling section somewhere.

Filo and Phaxy

Mr. Malden spends a lot of time surfing lately.  He pretends he's checking out Philofaxy but I know what he's doing.  He's looking up that Alice Temperly binder.  He wants her bad... Probably all that black lace.

Dream on, Mr. Malden I want her too but at $625 US she's out of both our leagues.


True Story, indeed.

While I sit out my dental issues, I decided to flip though my old magazines for a giggle.  Haven't done a lot of giggling lately.

There was a fashion spread in one...

gilley ties 

This wasn't too, too bad.  I kinda like it but -  Those shoes! Gilley ties never made it out of the 70's.

They did make me giggle, though.

ugliest bathing suit

I call this picture: The most unfortunate bathing suit ever.  What is it, pea green chenille?

Truly unfortunate shoes...

And speaking of shoes, what is with these?  I know every decade has it faux pas but these are egregious. 

Those shoes made my face hurt more.

hamburger pagoda

Moving on to recipes...  The obligatory recipe spread on building with some sort of meat, here's the hamburger pagoda.

I have one True Story Magazine.

True Story Magazine cover

According to Wiki - True Story was an American magazine published by Dorchester Publishing. It was the first of the confessions magazines genre, having launched in 1919. 

... Must have had the same sordid -way,way TMI -  appeal as reality TV shows do now.

bell phone ad

Some ads were great; what I wouldn't do for that phone but the ads soon deteriorated into a mayhem of cheese.

maggiage counsellor

A marriage counselor pedaling douche, oddly common.

sin in the suburbs

The stories are tamer then the pictures indicate...


Sin in the Suburbs, indeed.


I had enough housewives gone bad, so I went back to ads...


Bad idea.  

Apparently there was a lot of membrane itching among it's readership.

pinworm ad

And other things...

I did some further research on this, couldn't help myself.  According to the  National Museum of American History, Jayne's PW was Gentian Violet, a stain.

 Besides  it not being that effective; when you used it everyone in the neighborhood knew your worm status as soon as they saw bright purple-stained underpants swinging on the clothes line.  

An amusing visual really...

As to Dr. Jayne, an interesting guy:  Few patent medicine companies can claim to be as successful and long lived as the line of Dr. Jayne's Family Medicines.

 Dr. David Jayne was a pioneer in the field of proprietary medicine and built a business empire that was to last over 100 years.

Time to take some non-Dr. Jayne  meds, this all gave me a whopping pain.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ah, Novocaine. You were my Valentine...

My last wisdom tooth is gone; removed yesterday morning.   Being a glass half full sort of person I figured the world would be a sunny, painless place by now.   Hope springs eternal.   

 It's had a cavity for, oh. Years.  "I'll get it done when it hurts", is what I told my dentist.  It seemed reasonable; who wants to face a pair of pliers clamped to a body part or the inevitable bone-cracking heave-ho that follows...

 I'd waited for the other three to start hurting so why change now.  I didn't take into account the pain might begin on a Saturday morning, days from when I could have that awful thing removed.  

I counted down the hours while the pain got worse, by Saturday afternoon I couldn't open my mouth;  a tooth brush felt like I was trying shove a bus in there.  Forget food.

Finally! after eighty hours and fifteen minutes of sleepless, food-less, whine-less  - I didn't feel good enough - vomit inducing agony... It was gone.  

Ah, Novocaine.  You were my Valentine...

The oral surgeon told me I was smart to come in when I did, and lucky, "Another two days and you'd have a REAL problem.  

The infection spread past the tooth... Oh! The places an infection can travel!  Like  pterygomandibular spaces and temporomandibular joints  and stuff I understand like,  muscle... And other gooey insides close to a wisdom tooth....

 Brains, for example.



Monday, February 13, 2012

T is for Toothache... and TEA!

Today didn't start very good; I'm on day three of a toothache.   The pain in my mouth started Saturday morning, the second I opened my eyes.  With no dentist open until Monday there's nothing to do but tuck in; just me and pain that makes me want to vomit.  

I called this morning.  Tomorrow.  I'll be living with this until tomorrow unless the side of my face blows out, which feels likely.

I haven't slept since Friday; haven't eaten either.  The only comfort I've had is whining and tea.  I drink a lot of tea anyway but when it's all you got you really appreciate it.  

Today's mail brought my new Republic of Tea catalog, always fun, but today -- a peak experience.  

BeFunky Cooling 2 on iPhone

Besides being a great read, Republic of Tea always includes a sample.  I love that.  It's so nice to try something different while reading about all the new teas available.

Some of my favorite tea come from Republic of  Tea, Coconut Cocoa is so good after buying the first tin... then the second... and a third...  It was clear I should buy the bulk (250 bag) size.

coconut cocoa

Republic of Tea describes this as: The rich, exotic taste of this herbal infusion combines coconut, chocolate and caramel malted barley to produce a thick, naturally sweet, tropical cup. The delicious taste of both cocoa and carob belies their nutritional value. 

This is really NOM!  It's an herbal blend; barley and chicory based and delicious. The flavors are clean and sweet.  There are other teas in this collection but this is my favorite.

My current obsession is the Raw Green Bush Tea with Plantain and Coconut and I see a bulk order in my near future.  I'm on my second can.

This one is described as: Smooth and mellow raw green rooibos makes an ideal base for a traditional island duo – sweet plantain banana with a touch of fragrant coconut. 

Also an herbal; this one has a green rooibos base.  I can't get enough of this, hot and iced.  I sweeten everything but many people wouldn't have to sweeten this one.  The flavor is honey-like.  I got this as a gift and I'm so glad, I might not have bought something I thought tasted bananay.  

Banana flavored things tend to be cloyingly bananaish; this is like the summer sun with coconut thrown in for extra deliciousness.

It's  beautiful, too.

new use for old things

And speaking of beautiful, I use the tins when I'm done.  They make great eco-friendly containers and I love the artwork.

Republic of Tea products are available in grocery stores for about $10 for the 36 tea bag tin but you can order them online as well as in many other sizes.  If you order they send you their catalog with a sample, seasonally.  Win/Win!

*I bought all this tea myself, Republic of Tea doesn't know me, that I'm writing this,  or anything about my tooth*


Nail Polish of the Day, e.l.f. Fire Coral

I was perusing the Pantone Spring 2012 color forecast the other day and that scrumptious orange  on the top caught my eye. Pantone describes it as "Tangerine Tango, an enticing juicy orange, is a vivacious and appealing refresher to enliven anyone's outlook this spring."  Yum.

It's reminded me of a color I ordered from eyes lips face, but hadn't tried yet.

I put it right on  and what a great polish, this is one coat.  Great, right?

elf nail polish, fire coral

 e.l.f polish has been hit and miss for odd, non-polish related issues; that bottle that shattered when it dropped. A problem I've never encountered before.  And several have a very strong smell, beyond the normal strong nail polish smell...

And the smell only goes away -- so much.  Golden Goddess seems to smell long (like days) after it's dry which is too bad, it's truly lovely.    But this one is great.

Plus! Fire Coral looked good enough to pass with one coat. After this picture was taken I added another and a top coat, for wear's sake, but for a quick manicure you could absolutely work it.  The price is $2.00 (US) without any discounts, a deal for a great color with fab coverage.

This is a great color to transition from winter.  It's got great saturation like winter colors but the brightness you want in a spring color.

 Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says,  "Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day." 

And I think Fire Coral fits the description.

Score:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  out of five hearts


Thrifted Sweater Project, à deux

 I'm not sure how many things I can make from that one five dollar sweater but it was pretty big.  Well, before felting  it was...

I blogged about in the first project in the  Wool Gathering post.

fingerless gloves

The first pair were very easy.  I cut the sleeve to the length I wanted and used the sweater's natural cuff as one end.   The last step was simple embroidery done in wool yarn.

The second project is another pair of fingerless gloves.  These started as a flat rectangle of cut wool (as opposed to using the sweater's natural sleeve).  I hand sewed the edges together using wool yarn so the glove became a solid piece on re-felting.  

When sewing the seam I left an area open for my thumb, sewed on some vintage buttons that "go but don't match" and I'm aflutter over them.

Could be I like them more then the first ones...

recycled sweater project, fingerless gloves

Yep, I do.  I'm sure I like them best.

The thumb hole works great, I was worried that would make the gloves look like a craft project; uneven and wacky but nope.  It's great.  Measuring probably helped, a pattern would have been even better but I work organically.  

recycled sweater project, fingerless gloves  felted with vintage buttons

And I love the vintage buttons.  

They look great, are VERY warm, and I love being able to use some of the cool singles I've collected.

Stay tuned for  Thrifted Sweater Project #3!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

You are a beautiful thing

Writing is, sadly, all but lost in the daily lives of many people.  Sadly because when you sit in front of a blank sheet of paper and then fill the space; what you say, how you say it, even the pen you choose becomes part of the story.  You, become part of the story.

A record can be kept electronically but memory is a living thing, deserving of preservation and care. 


Write something about yourself today, you are a beautiful thing.


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