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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happenstance is sublime and so is stitching...

 Did you ever read the exact right thing at the right time?   Happenstance is such cool beans...

Last week I found a quote that wrapped and stuck a bow on my state of  mehness; totally explained how I feel.  I thought it was winter but Henry might be right, it might  be -- Old.

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." ~ Henry Ford

No idea how Henry knew I've been feeling creaky and flat but I decided to take his advice and learn me something new.  

And since I'm so way, way, deep down in the doldrums (I'm measuring my distance from chipper in light years) I wanted to learn something fun.  Something bright and cheery, something kinda artistic too.  But  wacky.  Oh. And cheap too. (I won't be picking up gold-leafing any time soon.)

I decided on embroidery.

I always pick up other people's  embroidery at thrift stores so I thought, Why not?   The supplies are minimal, it's not (all that) time consuming and when I'm done I'll have something concrete.  Something I can hold in my hands and feel  warm-fuzzy accomplishment about.

 I just had to find something fun to embroider. No problem, stitichable fun found at Sublime Stitching.  "This ain't your gramma's embroidery!™, they say on their site.  And so true.  

I bought two heat-transferable patterns, $5 each - and they are on sale for the next few days for half that.  CRAZY! - Or should I say, Krazy.   I got Krazy Kitchen and Vintage Lamps.  

I made my first poke this afternoon on a flour sack kitchen towel.

It's the timer from Krazy Kitchen.

I kinda love it, and not awful for a first try, right?

Can't decide if the timer needs more do-dah and if  the towel needs more tarting up, but I will definitively do more embroidery (probably tomorrow).  This was way fun, in fact...

 I feel younger already.

PS - And because everything is within six degrees of my Filofax, I made an embroidery section in my Filofax using the postcard Sublime Stitching sent with my order.   

Sublime Stitching doesn't know I posted this, I'm just a customer.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Martha Stewart is taking over the world and turning it aqua...

 I'm good with that.

In the last month I've run into Martha twice; in Macy's and Staples.  Both times I left with armfuls of aqualicious stuff.  I didn't know either place contained  Marthaland (the real Magic Kingdom, by the way) within it's walls and  when I saw fields of scrumptiousness laid out before me, well, the look on my face was similar to my son's his first time entering Disney.

Marthaland at Macy's was just this side of threadbare and their website doesn't have everything either.  Why,  is complete mystery to me (marketing? Hello.) and I'm absolutely sure Martha wouldn't see it as a ...Good Thing.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

The displays were great even though the shelves weren't full.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

These cutting mats were adorable!

Martha Stewart Kitchen

I got these kitchen towels, loves.   When I look for towels now all I see is plain or striped - sad.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

Adorable aqualicious options.

 In contrast, Staples had tons of well stocked shelves.

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

After standing in awe for a while I spun around and squeeled like a six year old girl with a new Pink Glitter Purse.

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

There is even a planner.

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

This is Martha's Notebook Land.  

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

And there are all sorts of cute little things that straddle different worlds.  These little tags have one foot in Office Supply Land and one in Craft Land.

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

These are for labeling.  Makes a gal  just well up...

Martha Stewart Office Supplies

There is (just) one insert that fit into my Filofax A5 because it has extended 'holes' --  I'm going to send my wish out to the universe that all Martha inserts have extended holes some day.  It's a Magic Kingdom where all things are possible.

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

I didn't go to Staples to visit Marthaland, didn't even know it was there.   I went to get Post-it notes which sat right across the aisle from Martha's Office Supply Nirvana.

Looking at Post-it World, I don't know --  the Post-its have all the appeal of preschool art supplies.

 What they don't have is finesse... No je ne sais quoi compared to Marthaland.  

Score! Martha!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Son of my Fine Leather Goods Obsession or What's in My Longchamp?

In January I posted about a problem I developed with Fine Leather Goods; I blamed it on Filofax.  In all fairness, Filofax isn't to blame; I've had purse issues forevah.  For example, my Longchamp bag predated my recently accumulated  Filofaxi  by a good year.  

If you haven't heard of a  Longchamp; it's a French luxury leather goods company founded in 1948.  In 1993, they introduced the Le Pliage line. Huge success not only in France but worldwide.   Considering what quality name bags go for, these are doable - with Birthday money in my case,  Le Pliage bags run $88 to $155 depending on size.  

My Longchamp LM métal is part of the Le Pliage line.  Mine's  the biggest size before it's defaults to luggage.   Fabutasmic color too, Pinky Gold.  

Whats in my Longchamp

 Longchamp describes the Métal  line as: The most luminous expression of the LM (Longchamp Maroquinerie) range. Designed in cotton fabric with an iridescent sheen, the tote bag, handbag and travel bag offer a style that is both chic and casual, perfect for summer. 

And the big size is big, look at it from the side.  

Longchamp from the side

I like that in a bag.

Whats in my Longchamp

The inside is positively reverberant, without my purse organizer the thing echos.

Whats in my Longchamp

Organized it just --  sings.

Whats in my Longchamp

My enormous wallet, A5 Filofax and all the pens an art class could want fit handily.

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

When closed it 's quietly elegant; no one knows there's all the stuff I mentioned plus enough colored pencils for a preschool, fingerless gloves, a camera, more make up then I need,  reading material, and assorted tech cords, in there.  

 No one knows what's in there at all.

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

Except Ventura.

He's about 6 inches away from downloading his weight in homemade dog cookies and  the ziploc bag they are in.  

That dog's nose is Einsteinean.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Zen of Filofax

About a week ago, give or take a planner page,  Philofaxy polled,  "What is the primary use of your Filofax organiser Business or Social?  Of the people who responded; 39% said Business, 60% Social."

The comments to the poll weren't as  clear-cut --  I can't respond. It's both...  Would be a good paraphrase for many comments.

"Both" was my first reaction, not that I have a lot  of things slotted as business engagements.


The Vet appointment skirts 'business', a vet being a business.    Oh, and I had to leave the house.   No pajamas equals business.


The post office is a no pajama zone.  Business.  


Sleepwear required for this stuff, personal.

Something about my lists peeked though the business/social question; the word zentangle.  A few months back I started to-doing things I enjoy when clean the toilet was what I opened my Filofax to, day after day. 

 An explanation of Zentangles is at the end of the post but in the purest sense, they are  doodles.  Elevate a doodle and you have something calming.  Looking through my Filofax, it's pretty doodled.  Filotangles, I guess you could call them.   

But when I to-doed the word I meant official Tangles in a separate place.   If you've ever done Zentangles you know the problems of working repetitive ink swirls on cheesy, thin (ahem, Filofax) paper.  I'll just throw the word laughable out there.

I outsourced. 

Midori Travelers Inserts in an A5 Finchley Filofax


No. Forget it. 

You'll never get it.

Miss finch has a two back pockets.  One on top and...

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

A side one for sliding on in.  Never would have guessed an entire full-sized Midori Traveler's Notebook would fit back there.  

Midori Travelers Inserts in an A5 Finchley Filofax

Granted, it makes her a bit of a porker.

Midori Travelers Inserts in an A5 Finchley Filofax

Frankenplanner though it may be, it could practical for travelers who need to carry both.   For me...    

Midori Travelers Inserts in an A5 Finchley Filofax

It was about carrying the inserts, Midori paper is great.  I stuck a  qrid-ruled and  kraft paper book back there; both are wonderful for doodleage.  

Midori Travelers Inserts in an A5 Finchley Filofax

Without the leather wallet Miss Finch fits into her jeans without laying down to zip them.  

Midori Travelers Inserts in an A5 Finchley Filofax

Reflecting back on the Philofaxy poll, I can't answer.  Miss Finch isn't business or social.  She's the running tally of my day, a place to write and stick disjointed lists or  things that have order and flow.  She's a place to log long and short range records and goals.  My need-to-be-dones for tomorrow and the year-from-tomorrows both have a place.  

 Rick and Maria believe life is an art form and they call Zentangles, "an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life."   Essentially, my Filofax is a braindump  but that term has zero deliberate artistry.   Miss Finch and I are leaning towards the more esoteric,  A Filofax is the tangible version of my stream of  consciousness ...

Elegance and deliberate artistry aside, there is something meditative, even  Zen about using a Filofax.  Putting pen to paper and taking your time daily, is something lost on a lot of people.  I like describing Miss Finch as my Stream of Consciousness, it suits and I think we're gonna go with it.

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Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas created the term Zentangle and their explaination is "is a way of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is fun and relaxing. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being."


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