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Friday, January 6, 2012

Filofaxes, clutter and no wonder my cortisol level was through the roof

Because it's the  New Year I'm decluttering; not that I don't declutter at other times -- But this is a big one. I took a break from my  dusty falala to surf around and found something  interesting about clutter from The Riley Group:  "Did you know clutter actually impacts your health? In addition to stress, clutter leads to weight gain, fatigue, and depression."

Weight gain really got my attention, not that stress, fatigue and depression don't interest me but when my jeans won't zip nothing good will come of that day anyway.

They went on to say, "The reason clutter affects so much is simple. Clutter causes stress; stress causes increased cortisol production and excess cortisol impacts health. When your body makes extra cortisol, you tire quickly and crave sugar. You also store more fat. Combine these factors and clutter actually makes us gain weight."

Okay.  Wow.  

Visual clutter is a huge issue for me.  It bother's me.  It bothers me a lot but.. It works for me too, as a tool.  I'm not on par with a hoarder; I don't have tons of junk packed away in drawers and a back yard full of stuff waiting to go to a storage bin but I  leave things out and I've been giving that (flaw) some thought.

I think I do that because I can't (won't, don't) depend on my memory.  I keep everything out like a trail of bread crumbs.  An effective and concrete, albeit messy, to do list... 

If I put things away I'm afraid I won't remember to go, and do, to cook, and buy, to mend, call, pay, look up, schedule, and  generally care for the details of my life. 

Here's where my Filofax comes in...  

I've had a personal sized Filofax for decades.  I've tried to make it work but it never did.  Once I got an A5 everything clicked; my todo lists got long and random; artsy, fun and colorful.   They include everything from things I need to do and schedule to things I'm just tossing around and even things that I need to do days away.

Today I included things I need to do on Sunday,   I'll add it to tomorrow's list and then Sunday's list because I advance what isn't done.  This works for me so well because when I remember something randomly days away I just tack it in and move it up until it's the day.     

What I've noticed is I used a Wo2P as a calendar but my primary way of keeping daily track is these todo sheets.

They remain in the Filofax as reference and I love the squares and title box at the top.  For a while it seemed I was going to have to order them from Sweden but then I found (what I thought was) them at Fahrney's Pens.  These are the one's I just got from Fahrney's.

 They are almost identical to the ones I got from Sweden.

You can't tell from the picture but the Swedish ones  have  elongated holes and I think the paper is thicker which means I can play with ink  without major drama or damage.

The sheets I  received today feel like the weight of the Filofax planner pages.

I ordered two packs of the US version ($13.95 inclusive of shipping)  and I'm going to try and work with them because it will be so much easier and cheaper if I can deal with these but if not -- 275 Swedish Krona ($37 with shipping), here I come.

Yes, it's expensive but if it keeps my counters clear of junk and my cortisol down and lets me draw pretty pictures in what ever ink I want...  I'm thinking it's a bargain at twice the Kronas.  

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For Auntie Lin

I haven't posted about my dogs in a while so this one's for you, Lin.

We met Ventura in August of this year at his Foster-home.

He was wearing a muzzle.

Ben fell hard and fast.  

Inexplicably, Ginger liked him and he came home with us that day.

Like all Fairy Tales a little evil must befall a Prince and Princess...

In this story evil takes the form of florescent casts... Day-glo green.

White, and PS he hates that coat. I think I'd have to put him on Prozac to get him to keep it on.  

Sky blue.  Here he is groggy from a surgery and Ginger is checking him out.  There was a red cast somewhere in this mix but he hated that one and chewed at it so much I took it off and a Christmas green one I lost track of.   

And last, and I hope it is last, sea-foam.    This surgery was the worst one; they called in an orthopedic vet to do it and it was a complicated surgery, besides.  

This picture was taken after I got him  home, he was really  ooogy and in pain.    

When the cast came off his leg was very red, still is a week later and swollen.  He's lost considerable muscle too and is just starting to put the leg down when he walks and stands. 

 He was doing so well with the PT exercises we got at North Star Vets and I think he's not where  he was at that initial (Halloween) appointment. 

Plus I don't know if that joint is stable, it's now just his bones.  All the rods are gone.

But Miss Ginger here loves him rods or no rods. 

My old girl  can't find enough pillows to suit her.  

But at nineteen I mean, can you blame her.  

Ventura's only four and he's got the pillow thing down already.

They are a funny team.  When he's not around she sleeps on his bed and when she's not around...

He curls up on hers.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Filofaxes and Pens, you can point and laugh if you want...

I'm not getting very far in my set up for 2012.  I'm still waiting for my year on a page calendar from Pens and Leather (I've been waiting since November).  

I don't use the year on a page as my main-main calendar, I use it as an overview; the cherry on my organizational Sundae.  One look tells me everything I need to know.

travelers notebook

I had one last year and no matter what planner I used; Portland personal, Midori Traveler's, Moleskine...  The list is pathetically endless -- I moved the year on a page with me.  I didn't know what kind of planner I'd use in 2012 but I knew I had to have another one of those puppies.  

My basic daily calendar set up is a week on two pages with  # 250186 pages in between as to do sheets.  They are  available in Europe although I found one US seller and ordered.  Hopefully they are the same.  

It's working like a dream.  Perhaps a page per day could work   but I don't need that much room most days and these sheets are sturdier, thicker (then dated pages), and I like that.

As far as the sections go I don't have that much set up; the Filofax being kinda-sorta new. Plus, I don't have tons of extra inserts since I just got an A5.  Most of the (few) inserts I have are personal sized but you know...

personal size

There's something to be said for using personal sized stuff in an A5.  It's not bad seeing behind them, all 'stepped' and everything.  

craft page

I did add one new section; crafts I must try.  

My Filofax obsessing seems to have escalated my general stationary zeal (Washi tape post upcoming)  and this week I've spent an excessive amount of some time with my pens to the amusement of my family.  

Since they glaze over when I try to discuss the merits of ink with them and point and laugh at me while I'm deep into pen thoughts, I'll just talk about my forays into ink here and save myself some self-esteem. 

Ah! The Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Ink Pen in 0.4 mm ( a mouthful)  is available in lots of colors and widths; $2.2o at  Jetpens.

sansara pens

They write almost as smooth as a baby's butt (although the thinner the less smooth, I think) and the colors are a tutti-frutti fest!  There are no issues on the back side of pages (at least with the colors I've tried) and they are just -- fun.  

I've not had any problems with skipping or dragging.  I tend to highlight with colored pencils and it works well with these.  Sansara pens are great for people who love skinny, skinny lines and they have pens that go as small as 0.1 mm which must produce crazy-teeny migraine inducing print but what ever floats your boat!


The Bic 4 color  runs about $4; it can be found at a lot of drug stores and many places online.  It's a fair all around low-cost ball point but it drags on paper for me.   The ink is pretty, no doubt about it --all easter eggy and girly and the writing looks nice but the act of writing is kind of 'meh'...  

As something fun and portable to carry with you I think it works but there are pens that make the act of writing much nicer.  Every time I use this I find I want to like this a lot more then I do.

The Cross Edge is  $40 (from cross) and is a sleek pen, really polished looking.  It feels solid too; like it will last forever.  The edge writes smooth as a martini and is as cool as someone who drinks them.    The Edge would make a great gift, FYI.

It has a nice weight and balance.  My hands are small and it fits well but it might be awkwardly sized for people with large hands.   You might want to hold this before buying.

lamy safari

My Lamy Safari in Aquamarine with a 1.1 nib is a peach .  With the Lamy ink cartridge I've done fine using Filofax paper; no problems with bleed through.  The pen runs around $30 ($28 from Goulet pens).   It's sveltely  ergonomic and lightweight.  

♥ Lamy pens.  They write well beyond their dollars and make putting pen to paper worthwhile.  Your handwriting will love you for it.

As you can see there is very little of anything coming through the backside of the Filofax paper with any of the inks...


Since I use my pens mostly on a Filofax the big question is do they fit in the pen loop?  

Nope, none of them. But I seem to carry the two Lamy's anyway.   The Lamy safari and Lamy joy (a calligraphy pen) which improves my handwriting like nobodies business.   I clip them somewhere or toss them in my purse (and hope for the best).  

It would be nice if I could find pen-loop sized inky love but for now Lamy seems to be the pen I reach for most often.  

Point and laugh if you must...  I'm kind of used to it.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nutrisystem Zag

Seems over the holidays I had a  mindless zig when I should have had a Nutrisystem   zag.  

Thinking back it might have been those two pounds of Christmas cookies... but that's just a guess...

I also did a lot of tasting.

  I can't say why I glommed  cookies and tasted stuff I really didn't want...Or when.  It's all kind of a bloated sprinkled-covered blur.  I don't even know what kind of cookies, or what I was eating -- I don't even like cookies.  It's a bit baffling to me.  

I guess that's how I got fat in the first place; mindless eating.  

But I'm putting a period there, ending my brief encounter with some evil gingerbread folk and getting back to life because... I feel very good on Nutrisystem  and it's not just the food but the accomplishment of committing (and sticking)  to my plan, not binging and doing something healthy for myself.  

Nutrisystem  has always been about more then the food...  People forget that.  But the Nutrisystem Success goes even farther.  I'm still working my way through the information but the   The Daily Dose has great hints and tips (and discounts). 

They added The Daily 3 ;  a new way to get you moving and help make living active an easy and enjoyable part of your life.

• Personalized plans to fit your individual fitness level and preferences
• Based on the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
• Get fit by incorporating just 10 minutes of activity, 3 times a day
• Hundreds of activities to choose from.

Walking my dogs so fits in, it's on the list!  And I totally do that three times a day...  Perfect!

And the new Chef's Table Entrees are amazing.  Amazing.  I am going to do a separate post about them but it's a really great time to check them out because look...

with Auto-Delivery

The ricotta crepes are the best things I've eaten in about twenty five years.

So despite the cookie blip when I hung my 2012 calendar on the wall I was greatful to open my pantry on January first, 2012 and take out a  Nutrisystem   breakfast...

They have new menu options and, ohhh baby!  This was the best breakfast ever.  I ordered the chocolate frosted donut because it was new but next month  I want one every day.  

So. Good.  And the strawberry shake is delish. Flat out. DELISH.  15 grams of berry flavored hunger busting protein.  

I'm so happy they added the shakes, they really help keep the hunger monster from rearing her ugly frizzy head.

Between the shakes and the donuts and the crepes it's just a matter of time before me and Janet will be sharing clothes, and we can't wait.

Well, I can't anyway.

If you want to lost weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click HERE! or call 1-888-853-4689

Click the yummy donut for more info! 

*This post was sponsored  by Nutrisystem who is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging. PS - Love your donunts! !*


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