The Crazy Suburban Mom: Weeks worth of to-do sheets

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weeks worth of to-do sheets

I'm thinking about doing a regular weekly post showing my daily to-do sheets.


I really enjoy going back through them, proving to myself that I've accomplished what I set out to get done is meaningful for me.  Some days I feel like I'm spinning my wheels but not moving forward.


Reviewing these pages resets my 'I'm not doing enough' clock.  


So I thought I might  do posts entirely of these pages.


Maybe once a week I'll do a post like this...   I don't know for sure yet.  I always get the sweetest comments about my daily pages, people seem to really enjoy seeing them.


There's nothing  special about them, no system to speak of. No organized plan of action to share because they are more free verse then proper... but I like them.


I'll keep doing it if everyone finds it fun and interesting!


The Perpetual Student TPS 12/18/12, 8:23 AM  

I LOVE your beautiful to-do sheets! I would love to see them every week!!

Tracy Reinhardt 12/18/12, 8:26 AM  

Thanks Kate! I think next time I'll use less photo editing - I'm not sure it benefits this kind of post.

Sharon Korkes 12/18/12, 9:28 AM  

I like to see them, too. They are so pretty (and inspire me to doodle in mine more). It is fun to look back to see what was accomplished. Like a journal!

Gabriele Agustini 12/19/12, 7:20 PM  

I think it's great that you do that!! They're little works of art!! Love them!!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!
Sending hugs ~

Tracy Reinhardt 12/20/12, 9:19 AM  

Sharon, Doodling is oddly therapeutic ~ I love it!

Tracy Reinhardt 12/20/12, 9:19 AM  

Thanks Gariele! I agree about the art... I haven't done any in SO long. These just make me feel like I'm doing something creative!

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