The Crazy Suburban Mom: Video on sizing down to a personal portland filofax

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Video on sizing down to a personal portland filofax

I did a quick (well, quick for me...) video on how the experiment with a personal size Filofax is going.

Over-all it's a thumbs up.

I still haven't set it up as a wallet and I'm really not sure why.   I think it has to do with it being twice the size of the pocket I used and it seems like it would be SO much bigger to take out at stores.

But maybe it's just a perception and I could get used to it in no time...  The whole thing is rather a work in progress!


pickled-witch 12/6/12, 2:16 PM  

You couldn't have chosen a nicer personal to experiment with!

Your size concerns are understandable, though I have noticed a recent trend towards larger purses.

I hope it goes well :)

Cazzle 12/7/12, 3:08 PM  

I LOVE that B&N planner. Those dividers are gorgeous. Too bad they aren't available in the UK.

Doris 12/9/12, 9:15 PM  

Hi, I've been trawling the internet for a brown personal Portland myself. Yours is lovely, and those 2 pen loops!

Hannah C. 12/18/12, 4:38 PM  

The B&N planner I purchased has June 2012-December 2013. I'm sorry to hear yours didn't have all of 2013.

Enjoying the video so far... :) I just love the diary inserts from that cheap planner.

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