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Saturday, December 29, 2012

To-Do sheets plus lots of foodling...

Lots of Foodling (Filofax + Doodling)  this week.  That always happens when I just know there's something  I forget to put down. 


So I sit with my Filofax open and a pen in my hand waiting....


The longer it takes the more I foodle...


I want to come up with a posting schedule for 2013 (what day's I will post what) but I still have no idea if that's doable for me.


This week had more Washi then stickers...


Got knitting needles for Christmas and a gift certificate for classes, which I need very, very badly.  I've knitted a few practice rows.  It feels so awkward- like a need a third set of fingers - and no sample is correct, geometricly speaking.  


Last one for the week!  I'll probably get most of it done...It's snowing out!



Puddytat purr 12/29/12, 2:26 PM  

Filofax and knitting - awesome combination!

I knit ALL the time - gimme a shout if you need any help

Tracy Reinhardt 12/29/12, 6:15 PM  

I've watched videos and read books and I'm still spastic with it. I'm going to take a class just to see where I'm going wrong - I'm doing something weird. Not sure what though... Once I can master the basics I'll still need help, so thank you! I'm sure I will ask!

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