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Friday, December 21, 2012

The whole planning shebang...

The thing that Filofax  users understand (that non-Filofaxers don't)  is that it's so much more then a calendar.   Granted, a dated section is the one thing they all have in common  but it's the rest that makes it a whole life tool.  Random bits of information are hard to process, harder still to move into long term memory.   Thought isn't a linear thing and  your brain is not an app.

Information needs a physical address because that's how brains process information and accomplishes recall.  Memory is the ability to store, retain, and recall information.  Multiple parts of the brain work for each  memory and the more connections (spacial, physical, time...) you make to the information, the easier it is to recall.  Writing things down gives attention to a thought plus multiple ways to track back.  (Yes, you can tap an  appointment into an app, but that won't help you commit it to memory or make it a concrete thing).  

jetpens index label

 I've watched a lot of Filofax videos and read tons of blogs on the subject.   While many people join the paper-using ranks as a means of getting organized  they soon find a lot more benefits because invariably ,  a Filofax becomes an extension of the user and  tool for personal expression.  


For me spending time writing, planning, reflecting on my day or just doodling brings a welcome quiet.  I like electronic media, the stream of instant messages, the push notifications... the emails... but without space for silence it's all overwhelming.  There's something meditative (and healthy) about writing down my thoughts.  


What started as just a calendar became an anchor for my life, a security blanket of sorts... The silent part of a day that renews me and makes the constant electronic drone tolerable.   

#filofax 80's preppy flashback

And that's what makes a Filofax the whole planning shebang.


Tonya 12/21/12, 8:32 AM  

Brilliant post thanks, as a new Filofax user I have found that my thoughts are clearer after writing things down and that I also want to write and take time out for myself - something I used to do many years ago as a teenager and something I hope to encourage my 12 year old daughter to do.

Carla H. 12/22/12, 3:47 AM  

Well put, sistah! ;) 12/22/12, 10:39 AM  

Definitely agree. I've been using a planner forever. However, my life has been changing faster than I can keep up and for the last several years I've been doing a planner dance. The end result is that I haven't been using my planner very well at all and the state of my life shows it. I need the planner to keep me anchored. It sounds like overkill but I function so much better when I'm writing things down. I have ADHD and that makes time management complicated anyway. But the planner keeps me sane. No planner or bad planner use makes me insane.

AudsJ 12/22/12, 9:42 PM  

I always enjoy your photos. They are artistic in themselves. I couldn't agree more that writing things with paper and pen (& Fiolfax, obviously!) is a comforting, meditative event every single time!

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