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Monday, December 31, 2012

Marching forward with progress, one Filofax at a time

I don't mind the dings and scuffs that come over time on a well-loved Filofax but stains are another matter, especially large stains that come in multiples.  

About six months ago I got a few Filofaxes on clearance but only kept two; the pink pocket Rio and the  mini Piazza.    I use the Rio a lot but never set up the Piazza which is why it was really disappointing to find the back of it all stained.  

I found it like that a few months ago and being a big mess, selling it was out.  So I put it away until this morning and realized -- as I sat  watching the show Hoarding and doing my 2013 Clutter Resolutions -- I had to do something with it even if all I did was toss it.

I tried to save it with dollar store rub on transfers.


I didn't take before pictures but you can see a few marks on the back of the the strap.  


I covered all the rest of the stains.


And the back is looking... Adorable, actually.


So I kept going and did the front too...


I like the results a lot, probably more then I liked it when it was perfect and unstained.  The transfers add something special.  Unique.  Fun!  

midori with rub on transfer

I've used transfers on Midori Traveler's Notebooks successfully but the leather isn't the same.  The Filofax leather is much more processed and has a less toothy surface.  So will it work long-term?

I don't know.  But I managed to alter it in a way that at least gives me a good reason to keep it and see...    I've heard clutter described as ' decisions delayed' and working on clutter issues gives you a firm push towards decision making. 

  Decluttering is a process but I'm doing my best to live within the boundaries of use it or lose it.  At the moment my Piazza isn't clutter but if the transfers don't stay on.... Well, I'll need to revisit the definition of clutter again ruthlessly.  If something meant to organize me becomes part of the problem that's not progress.


Deborah- Jane 12/31/12, 1:01 PM  

Those filofax look fab now...Happy New Year and I look forward to all your blogs and videos in the coming yearxx

Tracy Reinhardt 12/31/12, 6:49 PM  

deborah, Happy New year to you too!

Kristin Peters 12/31/12, 8:43 PM  

I absolutely love that.

LJ 1/1/13, 3:35 AM  

That looks great :-)

kanalt 1/2/13, 12:45 PM  

Wow, you can't even tell there were stains on the piazza. It looks great!

Tracy Reinhardt 1/3/13, 6:54 AM  

Kristin, I love the way it loos too! Transfers vary a lot so I'm hoping these hang in there!

LJ - Thank you!!

Kanalt - So far so good! All that's left is a small one on the back of the strap.

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