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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Contour Chair Lounge Madness

 I adore thumbing through decades old magazines.  Even though I've read each one dozens of times I always find something useful, fun or just plain wacky when I pick them up. 

I think this fits in just perfectly because it's useful, fun and very, very wacky!

All images are clickable for better viewing!
The Contour Lounge Chair Co. of St. Louis, Mo. produced chairs from the 1950′s to the 80′s.  Each chair was custom made based on each customer’s measurements so that when reclined, the entire body is supported and relaxed, feet above heart, and the spine / neck is comfortably cradled.

This ad was from the 60's but the company was still going strong is 1984 (when they produced this commercial!)

The tiger patterned chair with tail (Cheesy retro perfection!)  is draw-droppingly wacky...but the mink one might be the wackiest version. 

Da-Voon, no?

Magazines from December especially fun to go through because there are more ads then usual and sometimes entire Christmas Gift Giving Sections.  


Josh 12/20/12, 6:17 PM  

Oh my god, I need a contour chair! [frantically searches ebay]

Tracy Reinhardt 12/20/12, 7:21 PM  

OHHH! Josh, which one do you want??? The one with the tail, not that would be a statement piece!

Ken Foland 10/3/13, 12:32 PM  

Eat your hearts out all of you... I actually own a Contour Lounge! I love it! I found it about 15 years ago in a second-hand store and bought it for $50. It has heat and massage as well as the power slide. Unfortunately, the heat and massage doesn't work. I bought it because I suffer with extensive arthritis and haven't been able to sleep on a flat bed for 15 years, so it is my bed and nothing else will do!

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