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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ventura reviews

After a hard start in life, things are looking much better for Ventura.     He's got a home, people who love him and...


...A best friend.


His life is pretty mellow these days....

If you've watched my videos you might think he never gets up, but he does.  I promise.  He's actually pretty active (for a greyhound).  A lot of people tell me their greys lay on a couch 22 hours a day but Ventura  likes to be engaged, do things.  And he's very good at obedience training.  It's a learning experience for him and gives him a purpose, a job.  

I think dogs respond well to jobs, it keeps them busy and sets up boundaries.  Dogs are VERY smart and when bored they find things to do on their own... I've lost whole sofas that way with dogs smaller then Ventura so I like to give him things to do.  Training is one part but the other part is puzzles.  He just loves puzzles made for dogs.   

Ventura loves the new puzzles I got him from  (and the treats!)

Puzzles are hard to find locally ( if I can find them at all) and Chewy is a great source! 

There's a wide selection of things for cats and dogs, it's easy to navigate, shipping was super fast and you can find the country of origin for the items; something very important to me. I've been burned by too many recalls so I stick to mainly things from the USA.

 But  Chewy is great for another reason - Their  goal is to create the largest shelter and rescue network designed to support non-profit organizations that help animals in need (and you gotta love that!) The network is open to all registered non-profit organizations that specialize in assisting pets in need. 

 Joining the  Rescue Network is free and non-profit organizations will have access to programs built to promote, support and help animals in need through donations, fund raising and visibility opportunities. Chewy is fully dedicated to helping these organizations gain recognition and fundraising. "Together, we believe that we can truly make a difference!"

Having always had rescue dogs, it makes me feel good to know I'm supporting a company that supports dog rescue.    Thanks, Chewy!

And now for  a few of Ventura's favorites!

  Ventura has a strong preference for braided rawhide  chews.  I can't imagine what the difference is but  when I get him other shapes he licks the stuff off and he's done.  

The braids keep him busy for hours...   Occasionally  I can find these locally (at a higher price)  but not often so I was very excited to see Castor & Pollux Good Buddy USA Rawhide Braids Treat, 2 x 4" Braid Treats ($4.99) at Chewy.     I will be getting these again  very soon!  I got them six of these chews and I think there's one left...

The PureBites Freeze Dried Cheddar Cheese Dog Treats, 2.5-oz bag - $4.99 were a HUGE hit with both Ginger and Ventura.  The great thing about these for Ginger is they have a crunchy texture but she can still bite through them.    That doesn't happen often, usually crunchy means too hard for her few teeth.  

And Ventura LOVES anything cheese.  He runs to the kitchen when he hears someone open the fridge deli drawer because that's where we keep the cheese...  So he found these totally Nom!

The Science Diet Ideal Balance? Soft & Chewy Training Treats with Real Beef, 3-oz bag  ($3.99) were loved by both of the too.  These are the size of treats I always give Ventura.  Even though he's a big dog I give him tiny treats because that way I can give him a lot instead of just one.

And I got Ventura three puzzle toys because he  LOVES them.  These kinds of toys are  limited locally and the few I find are MUCH more expensive then these.  If you've never given your dogs puzzle toys, try it.  I think dogs need something to do, work on, figure out.   Dogs are very good at puzzles and problem solving if given the chance!

The first one is the  Kyjen Star Spinner Puzzle Dog Toy, Star Spinner Puzzle  ( $14.92).  He's never had a puzzle like this before but the concept is similar to something he had so he got this one right away.  You put the treats in the compartments and line up the star, hiding the treats.   Ventura has to spin the star to get at the treats.  

The next one is the Kyjen Kibble Drop Puzzle Dog Toy, Kibble Drop Puzzle  ($9.98).  You drop a treat in the top and it falls into one of the four 'arms'.   He uses his nose to smell where it is and flips up the blue end lid to get it.  This is very similar to another toy he has and he loves this kind of game.  It cracks me up when he flip the lids back down with his nose.

The  Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mazee Interactive Dog Toy, Green, 1 pack  ($16.95)    is unlike any puzzle he's done before.   It's more challenging for him.  You put the treats in the hole and they get caught in/behind  baffles.  He can smell them but can't reach inside to get them.  It takes rolling the ball around.  This video is a little long and you don't need to watch the whole thing to get the idea behind this toy.  

But it's kind of  interesting seeing how he figures things out, both  actively and passively.   He spends considerable time just  staring at it, focusing...  Figuring out what to do...   The Planet Dog Orbee was the most challenging of the puzzles for him and a great work out, brain wise. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing Ventura get a mental work out!  He thinks he's playing but I know he's learning how to solve problems.  Definitely check out Chewy's large selection of healthy brands and their great toys!   Maybe say Hi! to them out on Facebook or Twitter, it would make their day!

*The small print: Part of this order was gifted to Ventura by Chewy and part was gifted by me because I just love this dog.*


Josh 11/24/12, 6:59 PM  

must check this out! My dogs would be thrilled.

Tracy Reinhardt 11/24/12, 7:09 PM  

Definitely Josh! Great company, great products and they support rescue! And the puzzle toys are the bomb!

Morag 11/25/12, 2:50 PM  

Ventura is so beautiful - his markings are lovely. He really tried with the ball but in the end it was like he came to you so say 'help me, mum?' Soooo sweet - must get some more puzzles for my 2.

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