The Crazy Suburban Mom: Old planner page storage dilemma with a side order of enabling.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old planner page storage dilemma with a side order of enabling.

Recently I've been doing planning type things that added a ton of paper and going through Mr. Malden has become a bit of a chore.   In the past I've taken all my past pages out and tossed them but lately I've regretted it.   I'd love to go back to them, I sort of love how pretty they are....

I know I've seen posts where people talk about how they keep old pages and I think I've settled on using individual rings (something like these rings maybe?)   I think Josh and Terri use rings for past storage.

While deciding,  I've got the old pages in my Filofax  binder just secured together with an (unattractive)  utilitarian  clip.


I've been waffling about buying a magnetic bookmark type thing.  Everyone in the Filofax know seems to use them as they are efficient and adorable. I keep seeing them in posts and videos but I have this quandary... I don't want buy anything new.   One of the projects that amped up my paper usage is organizing and decluttering the stuff I own.  

It seems counterproductive (and just the other side of hypocritical) to  buy anything new when I'm trying so hard to scale back.  


I probably will spring for the rings because I don't have anything I can substitute them for (unless you have any good ideas?)  but the binder clip works really well at wrangling old daily sheets, probably at least as good as the magnets.    I tried to make it more attractive by adding stickers but it's not working for me.  No matter how much I sticker it up, it's screaming UGLY to me...

But I'm going to stand firm in my decision not to buy if I have something that will work as well.... Even if it's way more aesthetically unappealing.  

If anyone has good ideas about past page storage, please comment and let me know - I could use the help.   And because every post is better with a side order of enabling... There are some very cute binder clips to be had if you want to try using some in your Filofax.

The Jonathan Adler Task Clips   measure approximately 1.25" across which is the same size as the homely ones I'm using and according to the website they hold up to 100 pieces of paper.  The set is  $10.

And the Lilly Pulitzer Task Clips are the same measurements, 8 to a pack, also $10.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

5 Comments: 11/17/12, 11:21 AM  

Franklin Covey and Day Timer both have storage cases for their pages. If you use personal size pages, the storage binders would work. Here's the link for the Franklin Covey book:

I've been using these for 20 years. I love going back through and reading what was going on that year.

Tracy Reinhardt 11/17/12, 12:02 PM  

I'll definitely take a look! Thanks for the link


lee 11/19/12, 12:39 PM  

if you want to go cheap, try the old fashioned all metal shower rings, they are like $3 for 10 or 12.

vera bradley also makes binder clips. they are on ebay a lot but not at a discount compared to the vera website.

J 11/19/12, 5:15 PM  

I'll also be using the Franklin Covey storage binder for 2012, but for 2011 I just used some plain old yarn I had lying around (I crochet, so there is always yarn somewhere!)

I just wove it through the holes and created a little book of sorts- perfect to look back though. You could do the same thing with scrap ribbon if you have it on hand I suppose...

The first picture in this post shows a bit more what I'm rambling about!

Cruz Johnson 8/19/13, 1:26 AM  

Those colourful binder clips are GORGEOUS! Just right for a Filofax!

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