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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hot, Malden love....

I posted a few days ago about giving Mr. Malden some much needed liposuction around the old leathery middle and adding dividers.  I'd taken most dividers out a while back because I don't do well with lots of categories. The more I added the less I knew where to find anything but in the end I needed some definition to separate what was what (Broad categories work much better for me then filing things down to minutia).

I'd rather use my own tabs because I can stick them where ever I want and customize them.  My favorite - many people's favorite - are the Martha Stewart Note Tabs although getting them can be a sticky wicket. Staples  has them, but not all Staples stores carry the Martha line (Why?). If you're in the US you can order them online.  If you're not in the US, getting them requires more then a soup├žon of aggravation and a fair bit of creativity.

You can get the tabs two ways, on a planner insert  or just the tabs.   I've tried the planner insert twice and the tabs don't stay on...  Now I just buy the tabs.  


For $3.99 you get forty attractive, ready to tart up tabs.


I use a combination of stickers to theme them.


A clock  marks my dated planner inserts


In my last post I talked about using the Post-It Grid stickies on the back side of the dividers for notes.  It works especially well as a grocery list.


And I love the shopping tab!

I added  'shopping' themed calendar stickers on the top and some food themed stickers  from Yozo (here) to the bottom.  As an FYI, both the colored and clear sections are writable so you don't have to add stickers.  


It's a great set with 200 different graphic stickers for $4.50 and I've repurchased these several times already, really useful! All in all, it's going very well with Mr. Malden and I at the moment.  Oh, one more thing.

Have you seen the new addition to the Malden line?  Yes, they are iPad cases and no I don't have one but oh! It's stunning!

Aqua they call it.

If they make an A5 binder in this color I might explode; hot, Malden love smothered in teal awesome-sauce would be hard to resist... 

And I'd want me some of that....


Sandra 11/20/12, 1:27 PM  

Love this post! Need to get to Staples ASAP, I believe....

mary jane ong 11/20/12, 2:12 PM  

oh i would totally be in line after you to get some of that teal action there

Cheryl 11/20/12, 6:57 PM  

Where did you get the shopping cart sticker and the vet and vacation stickers? Oh, gotta have! Those are super cute! LOL

Tracy Reinhardt 11/20/12, 7:27 PM  

Sandra, Definitely!

Mary Jane, I want that one so bad!

Cheryl - I posted about them here --->

Cruz Johnson 8/19/13, 4:32 AM  

The A5 Malden in aqua is now available!

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