The Crazy Suburban Mom: Five and half hours later and a few pounds lighter Mr. Malden is ready

Friday, November 16, 2012

Five and half hours later and a few pounds lighter Mr. Malden is ready

I wanted to add a new section to my Filofax and it snow-balled at about three this morning into taking everything out.


By 4 a.m. Mr. Malden was a sad shell of his former robust self.


...With a distinct  Audrey à la Little Shop of Horrors vibe.

I haven't used dividers in the last few months but I had a rethink on this as I wanted to add an entire new section.   Quite some time ago I found Studio C dividers by Carolina Pad at Staples and never used them.


I didn't really need them at the time (but need is such a strong word when talking office supplies, isn't it?)

I liked the graphics (I like the aesthetics of the whole line actually.) and figured I'd use them eventually.  The products are reasonably priced and well designed, if a little hard to find.   It seems no one really carries the entire line and what you find where, is a bit of a gamble.


I really like the boldness and color of these.  They read feminine without raising your blood sugar.


They are a great size for an A5 but they only have three holes punched in the wrong spots so I re-punched them.  I'm pretty short on Washi Tape at the moment so I did my best with what I have.

 I always cut the tabs off dividers. I don't usually need them all or want to rearrange the set and you can't do that without cutting off the tabs. When tabs don't line up right Mr. Malden looks a lot he's got a semi-toothless smile going on and it's not a good look for man or Malden...


FYI - Carolina Pads gives you some write on stickies to use if you keep the tabs as is, nice touch.


The back side of the dividers has a lined section for notes but I'm going to stick a few Grid Post-it pages on each.  This will solve my grocery list problem; I write my list as items occur to me all week long in my to-do pages.  Come shopping day I've got to go through all the pages to find what I need.  I can also just take these sheets off and bring them to the grocery store with me.


And now five and half hours later and a few pounds lighter Mr. Malden is ready for a  new section; low-carb  nutritional information, hints, tips and anything else I want to remember or track. 

I've been following a low-carb lifestyle for seven (SEVEN!) months and it's long overdue that I got it all together in my Filofax.  

Sure hope I'm not the only person that procrastinates like this because seven months is a long time to get to something important...  Heavy sigh.


Lime Tree 11/16/12, 11:35 AM  

oh, look at that Mr. Malden all gorgeously looking!
LOVE those bold dividers you got.
And no, for sure you are not the only one procrastinating on diets. I am following right behind ya! :D

Tracy Reinhardt 11/16/12, 11:36 AM  

I love the dividers, bold! But still with a feminine thing, love them.
Why is procrastinating such an issue??? Its not like I don't have a place to deal with it all Arrgh!

Jotje 11/16/12, 1:05 PM  

Don't get me started on procrastination... I put off a task for two solid weeks until the final deadline today. It took me exactly 10 minutes to complete it!!!!! Am I insane or what?
That said, I loved this post and giggled quite a few times ...
And why does my Staples not carry this grid post-it's??? They are brilliant!

Tracy Reinhardt 11/16/12, 1:46 PM  

Jotje, thats exactly what I do and it's so frustrating. I have this long line of things waiting to get done and when I get around to it, MOST are so fast to get through. I waste so much time not doing stuff.. I don't get it! I think the grid post its are pretty new. I'd never seen the before and was happy to find them. Hope they keep making them, I can see using these forever!

kanalt 11/17/12, 7:16 AM  

Wow, these are great! I have never seen them at my staples or any office supply store. Do you remember what section you found them in? Wheels in my head are turning...

Tracy Reinhardt 11/17/12, 7:28 AM  

I think staples sells (or sold) the same brand of file folders and I think they were in the same area because they matched.

It was a section where the file folders were set up by color so you could buy one or many... Not in the area with binders or planners. If I hadn't been looking at the file folders I probably would have missed them.
I checked online but they didnt have much - amazon has a lot of their products, not sure which though 11/20/12, 3:07 PM  

Is that Washi Tape along the edges? I've heard of that but never seen it. I was wondering why I didn't see a bunch of extra holes. Where do you get that tape?

Maria 11/21/12, 9:10 AM  

Lovely dividers!

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