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Saturday, November 10, 2012

But would I buy it again? November editon

I haven't done one of these purchase recaps recently and thought it was time because it's helpful to know what works over time, and what doesn't.  Sometimes I get uber-enthused after making a purchase and gush  but after the excitement wears off I'm not as jazzed...

Yesterday I swung by Staples  to get something for my son and couldn't resist visiting the Martha Stewart display (Can you blame me?) so I'll start there....

I've purchased the Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ NoteTabs several times already and will again.


For me these are perfection, everything about them is tab nirvana.  They feel like quality, are sticky after months of moving from page to page, and I love the way they look. 


Especially peeking out the top decorated with stickers.

I've never tried any of the paper refills so I thought I'd jump on that.  I won't be buying the  Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ Project Planner Filler Paper 5-1/2" x 8-1/2, sad to say.


The design caught my eye.


They are a bit narrower and a schooch taller then Filofax paper but not enough to matter.


I put Washi Tape over the holes and repunched them.  


Still a big mess really, more swiss cheese then to do list.  Why  don't these have universal punches like the  Planner Insert, Flourish NoteTabs® & UltraHold Sticky Notes?


The real reason I won't get them again, and may not use at all, is the paper.  It has a definite cheap notebook vibe.  Just punching holes crinkled the paper something awful.


I thought it would be a disaster with ink...


 There was shadow on the back but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated,  thought ink would go through it like tissue paper.   Filofax paper is better then this and how many times have you heard that?

 At $2.99 for 50 sheets it's very overpriced (considering it feels like  kid's dime store notebook paper.)  Granted, I am biased, with a strong preference for Clairefontaine's  smoothness, but I use other paper. This product was a #Fail for me. I don't like handling the paper and it doesn't come close to the quality look of the design.  

Which I quite liked.


I couldn't resist trying the Post-it-Super-Sticky-4-inch-x-6-inch-Grid-Notes.  They are very nice (although I wish these had a smoother hand too).  I will probably repurchase these again because I'm a graph freak and it's a very useful addition.


Onto the dollar store stickers I found a few weeks ago...


I kinda love these and for a few dollars I got hundreds of flags, arrows and dots.  They stick well and are bright enough to highlight things without  blinding me.  I like bright things but too much day-glo is exhausting to look at.

Not all cheap things turn into a bargain but the cost is so low it allows for mistakes...


I got two sets of calendar stickers from here but I'd only repurchase one.  The everyday calendar stickers are more useful for me but if you have kids in school you'd probably like the mom version.  These sheets have hundreds of stickers each and for $1.99, quite a bargain.  I wish they were on multiple pages though, the large size is a bit hard to stow away without folding... And if you do that, the stickers along the fold lift.


I've already bought a second Platinum Preppie highlighter.  I really like everything about these and at $2.50 for a refillable pen, quite a bargain.  


Still loving my Hold that Thought! translucent arrows.  They are repositionable and have held up well over the last few months.  I've only seen these at Barnes and Nobles brick and mortar stores and will pick them up again when I'm there next.

Lord Dodo iPhone case

My Lord Dodo Phone case is great and would get one again when I change phones.  Love the apps design and that I can charge the phone WITH the case on (PS it's on sale now!) 

noodlers pink pen in rio

I love my Noodler's pink pen ,  Jayne Mansfield.   She's my first flex pen and writes like a dream.  The piston fill isn't the easiest thing to clean but compared to losing your power for a week... It's a breeze.  The pen is small and fits in a pocket sized pen loop and the screw on cap makes me feel more secure about carrying it in my filofax.   Jayne is the smallest pen I own which makes her very portable but keep in mind it might be too small for a man's hand,  and maybe even for some women.  

If Jayne breaks I would buy another but I like her so much I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Noodler's brand pen.  

Hope you found this helpful and I love to see posts like this on other blogs.  Reading about what works once the excitement wears off keeps me from buying what doesn't work.  Definitely let me know if you do something like this!


Kristin Peters 11/11/12, 10:28 PM  

This is the exact thing I love to read. The build up and excitement is so much fun but the follow-up is rarely posted. Before I make a purchase I do research. Just got a ruby deco personal size and I wonder how they are holding up for other people. Mine is gorgeous now but what about six months from now? I am super-intimidated by a fountain pen. Rori and Josh seem to love them but all I can imagine is stains and frustration.

Tracy Reinhardt 11/14/12, 1:36 PM  

Kristin, I so agree! I love fountain pens and have for years. They really are simple things :) Try one out that not too expensive and see what you think - There are some great cheaper ones around. Some inexpensive ones arent great to write with so check the review first. Goulet pens does some videos that are very informative and it would be a great place to start!

mppaul2 12/16/12, 7:25 AM  
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mppaul2 12/16/12, 7:26 AM  
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