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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Big honking boo-hoo....

I use many kinds of inserts daily, some need to be punched (or re-punched) to fit, some like the Dodo Inserts fit perfectly in an A5, and some I make myself.    But no matter how hard I try I can't find a substitute for one thing.

I tried some different year calendars this year but nothing works for me as well as the branded calendar.  I like that the months go across and the days down because that feels natural to me.   I like that there are six months on the front, six on the back.   And while the daily slots are small they are roomy enough for one note about things I want to keep track of long term (doctors/vet appointments, weight loss milestones, birthdays, holidays, etc.)

I've used these for a few years even sticking  them in a Midori Traveler's Notebook from time to time, and this was the first year I tried to find a substitute.  Recently I've been evaluating how fully I used my Filofax (for 2012) and noticed I didn't track these kinds of things consistently.  

I don't want to spend $7 (Big honking boo-hoo...) for a what is essentially a sheet of paper but I guess I will have to spring for the 2013 version. I need the information I accumulate on these and I miss the convenience of having it all in one compact fold-able space.


Clareio 11/15/12, 12:16 PM  

do you have access to an A3 (i don't know what the equivalent is over there?) printer? if so you could make your own, chop it down to size and punch it?

Masshole Mommy 11/15/12, 1:36 PM  

I just ordered a $20 planner/agenda book off of Amazon. I have 5 people to keep track of and honest to god, I can not get by for one single day without looking at my calendar with all the stuff we have going on. My (somewhat) sanity was worth the 20 bucks.

Tracy Reinhardt 11/16/12, 11:09 AM  

Clareio, I can't for the life of me figure out printing - I tried a while back forever and used a ton on ink. If I try it again I'm not going to try double sided... I give up!

Masshole Mommy - I agree with you. Sometimes the price is worth what you save in aggravation!

Clareio 11/16/12, 11:20 AM  

Find a print shop that'll print it double sided on a3 for you? Personally I avoid printing things myself anywhere other than on the printer at work as it does double sided! I decided buying things was easier! 11/16/12, 1:16 PM  

I had the same problem needing a year overview so I printed my own on A4 doublesided (3 months to a page) I trimmed one dee but could have stuck them together or printed on A3 pages as my printer prints A3 too!
If you ever want some printed just shout! :)

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