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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Giveaway for my Filofax Pals...

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States.  A time to reflect on gratitude...


 Not focus on the nail I just broke...

Or the wall of stink ( A melange of old meat and rotten eggs fermenting in a dumpster)  that hit me when I opened my Thanksgiving turkey an hour ago.

Or how I went to the grocery store to find only thirty pound, seventy-five dollar birds left.

No. Today I'm not giving any of this  another thought, Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what I have...Which at the moment are several  D'Artagnan Free Range Organic Chickens  from Kings that smell fresh as chickeny daises.

And I'm very thankful for all you guys...

 A blog with no readers isn't much of a blog.  You're visits and generous comments make me feel like part of a community and not so alone in this world.  Without all of you my blog would be a sad, solitary endeavor.   I've been blogging near four years now and for the first time I feel  part of something wonderful.  Thank you all for helping me sort out problems, for your encouragement and  all your generosities  in this last year.

Yesterday I went to Staples to get a date stamper and ink pad, I've wanted one for a while...


I love the way it looks.  Clearly, haven't quite got the logistics worked out though...

But I picked up a few things you've all commented on recently and I'm going to give them away to one of my readers.   


I know everyone loves the Martha tabs and I got a lot of comments about the dividers I just added. Staples had them in stock (P.S. They had a few sets and at $2.99 they are a bargain) so I picked up a set of those too.

It's an easy giveaway! I'll run it until Sunday Novemeber 25th at 11:59 pm EST.  

Just leave a comment to enter and it's open worldwide.   Oh, and please be a subscriber...  'Cause that's kind of the point.

Love you all! 


Puddytat purr 11/22/12, 10:01 AM  

Ooooh am I first to comment?

I do follow you, but I subscribe via FeeddlerRSS on my iPad :)

I'm in the UK and I LUFFS LUFFS LUFFS my filofax!

Alison Reeves 11/22/12, 10:27 AM  

Oh yes I'd love these dividers - we don't get them in the UK. Thanks Tracy!

Anonymous,  11/22/12, 10:42 AM  

I love all the Martha Stewart Line,! I live in the US but the closest Staples is 100 miles away from me! grrrrrr!

Trisha 11/22/12, 10:55 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lyndsey-Jane 11/22/12, 10:56 AM  

I'm another UK reader, i read via google reader. I'm a newbie to filofaxes and an in process of setting my two up.

Lyndsey-Jane 11/22/12, 10:56 AM  

I'm another UK reader, i read via google reader. I'm a newbie to filofaxes and an in process of setting my two up.

Elizabeth González 11/22/12, 10:59 AM  

Ohhhhhh Tracy please I really want them (*o*)

I have been stalking Ebay or Amazon to get them because in SouthAmerica we don't get the Martha Stewart line!

I'm already a subscriber ^^

Mony 11/22/12, 11:32 AM  

i love you blog :) sorry google transalte ,Italia ^^

Morag 11/22/12, 11:41 AM  

Hey Tracy, what a fabulous giveaway. I subscribed via email.

Aisling Keavey 11/22/12, 12:13 PM  

Hey Tracy, I'm in Ireland and subscribed via Bloglovin. I only recently purchased a FIlofax and I'm so in love with it so your blog is a must-read for me! I LOVE the Staples products, we don't have that in Europe :(

Tina 11/22/12, 12:14 PM  

I was sure I followed this blog! But I think I always read it since I find it on the philofaxy group on fb :) Anyway I'm in! ^^

Valerie 11/22/12, 1:42 PM  

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm actually a Filofax newbie and I'm waiting on my first order from them at this moment. (Their 50% off sale was not to be ignored!)

Verónica Cas. 11/22/12, 4:07 PM  

Hi Tracy, i'm from Spain. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.
Good luck!!

Azizah 11/22/12, 9:46 PM  

Oh yaaay! Please count me in! I am a regular subscriber and reader :)

mlblog 11/22/12, 10:28 PM  

Hello! Thanks for letting me enter this giveaway!

I've been lolling for MS tabs but don't think they are available in Australia. Was just about to shout out to Philofaxy fans for some help ... But will try my luck with this giveaway!!!


gainNOmore 11/23/12, 12:25 AM  

As a fellow Jersey Girl I have to show some love. Im new to the filofax world and I couldnt be happier.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Good luck to everyone that entered ;)

NeonLicht 11/23/12, 4:58 AM  

Yet another European here. This one from Spain, and also subscribed through RSS using Netvibes.


findinghope 11/23/12, 7:30 AM  

me too, (from Germany)lovely giveaway, thanks
I follow your blog via bloglovin

Clara 11/24/12, 3:39 AM  

love those dividers!
Such a nice giveaway <3

Ling 11/24/12, 6:23 AM  

Yes, count me in too! It's so sweet of you to have a giveaway for everyone worldwide and all!

MySummerTouch 11/24/12, 6:59 AM  

I really need those tabs!! BecausevStaples don't ship to Russia! I've been dreaming about them since I found philofaxy blog and start to watch your videos on youtube! I know your videos Bulldog heart! Yes, I'm your big fan!

Smart Sparkles 11/24/12, 8:21 AM  

It is pitty that those tabs are not available here in my city. All I have to do is to make them by hand!

Tiki Jane 11/24/12, 10:43 AM  

What a nice thing to do! I've got a month off to recover from back surgery, so I can catch up on some things like organizing my Malden & setting up the other Fillos I've acquired - and reading & sibscribing to your blog! Love your blog! I've been inspired to go off in search of a pocket Rio in pink, and paint my toenails "Beach Bum Blue" by your posts. Yea!!

kari Soursa 11/24/12, 11:50 AM  

Thanks for this giveaway:)) i am from Norway, following you via G+ and Google reader :)

kari Soursa 11/24/12, 11:52 AM  

Thanks for this giveaway:)) i am from Norway, following you via G+ and Google reader :)

Kristin Peters 11/24/12, 2:47 PM  

As you know I have been following you for several months. I always try to live with an attitude of gratitude. I adore this community and have learned a lot about organization. Wonderful blog written with humor and great ideas. You are also very kind to newbies. I am not entering just following.

Sophie Pembroke 11/24/12, 4:49 PM  

Ooh, so pretty! I'm a UK subscriber and Twitter follower, currently in the depths of setting up a new planner to cope with some life changes... I need those dividers!

Liz Vee 11/24/12, 5:54 PM  

Ooooh exciting!! Hope you had a great weekend!

Sandra 11/24/12, 9:14 PM  

Love your blog and your giveaways. ;)

Angie Frick 11/25/12, 12:04 AM  

Ooooh! I just ordered my very first Filofax tonight and was just looking at what different accessories/supplies everyone uses. I love reading your blog. Great giveaway!

Ally Yu 11/25/12, 4:47 AM  

I am in Sydney ,really want to get it,thanks so much

Diliana Imandieva 11/25/12, 11:24 AM  

Great giveaway! Thank you for opening it worldwide!

Bridgett 11/25/12, 1:48 PM  

This is so cool that you are doing a giveaway. As I am in close proximity to a well stocked Staples, I won't include myself in the drawing but I do think it is a nice thing to do.

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