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Monday, October 29, 2012

Rebooting my Filofax

This morning I finished my emergency preparations for Hurricane Sandy so I did what I always do when I expect no fun in the near future;  I began to clean and organize.

No lie, when something bad is about to happen I start tearing through my house like a manic Martha Stewart.  

I know it's a weird compulsion but it beats eating my weight in cheese danish to soothe my nerves. This morning after filling my gas tank, getting a few bags of ice and a gallon of half and half I started throwing all kinds of things out.

Yesterday when I made a 'just in case I have to leave my house' bag I realized how much stuff I have that I wouldn't miss if it ended up under three feet of water.  So this morning I started dumping things I don't need into garbage bags; three so far.  I made the executive decision to stop there.  If we don't have garbage pick up tomorrow I don't want to deal with a room-size amount of garbage bags.

I ran across a lot of plannerphrenalia in my digging around.  And there was no order where it was, I found at least five places where there was A5 paper.  I found things I'd been meaning to add to my Filofax but lost before I could and found about seven pairs of scissors.  

I looked at my filofax and realized there was no way to add anything so after I was done with the house....


 ...I rebooted my Filofax

 Taking everything out and reevaluating was something that really needed doing and it kept me from thinking about Hurricane Sandy for a good hour.  Playing with my planners is more relaxing then Xanax...

Front inside cover Malden a5 filofax

Emptied the front.

Back inside cover filofax malden a5

Dumped out stuff in the back and took out all the pages.


I took some time to punch all the A5 Clairefontaine graph paper I'd found.  Been meaning to do that forever...


I consolidated all the Filofax paper I found all over the place and stuck that in.  Now my paper is all in one place, right where I use it.


I punched and added something that's been on my to-do list forever.  I had an A5 sized address book and meant to punch it to hold info about filo-friends I correspond with.


And what do you know?

I've had the Dodo Inserts for months and never realized there was a year on two pages calendar for 2013.  

I swear, the things you realize when you're cleaning like a nut to avoid eating like a fool. If you haven't rebooted your Filofax in a while, it's very cathartic.  

Just sayin'


Lord Dodo 10/29/12, 1:48 PM  

So pleased you found the forward planner :) I had a similar day yesterday (even Cyber Lords have to do the occasional spot of sorting out) It was more a case of realising that the bathroom cupboards hadn't been sorted out in 10 (yes, 10) years! Discovered 5 bottles of my favourite shampoo hiding in corners I didn't know existed. Threw out hopelessly out of date medicines and put everything in plastic containers. Very cathartic!

Tracy Reinhardt 10/29/12, 1:50 PM  

Lord Dodo, OMG isn't that crazy??? I can't tell you how many times I buy something I already have way too much of. such a waste of money!

Of all my planner things, the dodo pad is the one thing I never stop using. Somehow you've found a perfect balance of everything I need.

Beth L. 10/29/12, 3:54 PM  

I wish I could afford an A5. I love yours! It's so organized! My little personal filo is slowly losing space. I too, buy things I already have and then lose track of hem and buy more only to find the ones I lost lol!

Doris 10/29/12, 8:12 PM  

Tracy, am in the process of cleaning out my filo too. (Like minds.) "Rebooting!" - funny! My sincere best wishes regarding Sandy. I heard about it way over on the other side of the world.

Shabby Vintage Junk 10/30/12, 3:52 AM  

Tracy I've MISSED you SO....I hope as a clack you are OK....I've had one eye on the news all day hoping to hear conditions had calmed....FINGERS CROSSED for you....!!!!!!

Tamarah xx 10/30/12, 2:17 PM  

I clean and organize when I'm stressed, too.

DEM 10/31/12, 9:18 AM  

Tracy, I did the same thing! I got off my butt and started cleaning....mercilessly tearing through the house! The entire time I kept hoping that the power wouldn't leave me stranded in my closet in the dark, or in the basement. lol

And then last night I calmly sat back for an hour and re-did some things in my Filo. We are a unique group, aren't we? :-)

Shabby Vintage Junk 11/3/12, 4:10 PM  

Tracy it's the 4th November down here & as its been a few days since you posted, I'm hoping everything's alright on your side of the planet....!

Will keep an eye out for you....!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah xx

MySummerTouch 11/6/12, 4:03 AM  

Hi, Tracy! I found an interesting video about using a filofax as an art journal-on -the-go, I think you will like it, and I want to share it with you.

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