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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oooops, I enabled myself...

Last week I posted about (and ordered) some planner stickers   The ones I ordered from came already!

I buy (an insane amount of) stickers because of their adorable-factor and yes, I love them to pieces but 'need' would be a strong word to describe why I got them.  These I do need  because the one's I got free are dwindling and they help me visualize long term planning.

I don't use them on Filofax pages directly but attach them to the Martha Stewart by Avery Tabs

I've gotten a number of things from the Martha line and while much of it is very nice and all of it is well designed these are the biggest success.


I attach a calendar sticker to the to the top (plus add a coordinating one for some je ne sais quoi).  Looking at these perched across the top allows me to see what's up in the future.


The new stickers are a bit smaller than the one's I got for free.


New one's on the left.


That's an advantage because the Martha Stewart tabs are cut in a  fancy-shmancy way across the top and with smaller stickers there's less to lop  off the top corners.

I ordered two sets; the Calendar Planning Stickers and the  Mom Calendar Planning Stickers.


The sets are HUGE.  Each has two large sheets;  one has 760 individual stickers, the other an amazing 1,232.  In fact there are so many I could use them ON my planner pages and still have them for a good long time.

They cost a (VERY) affordable $1.99 each.  Math isn't my thing but this one is easy.  For $3.98 I got nearly two-thousand stickers and there was nothing added for shipping. (Try coupon code SASFS12 for free shipping.  It worked for me, but don't know if it's still active)

Plus they came in less then a week!


Graphically they are very appealing to me.


Bright but not necessarily day-glo (which kinds of gives me a headache) and there is some text but not a lot.  I want to be able to glance at them and know what I'm looking at without reading.  Just using an icon confuses me. I'll pick some icon that makes sense to me but when I look at it again I haven't got a clue to what I was thinking when I picked it.


There are so many different subjects included but, for me, I could have done without the mom set which has a majority of school specific topics.


They strike me as more academic then mom, per se.


I understand why they are like this but I would have liked to see at least some 'home' related things.  That said, this  set would be great if you have kids in school and I think they would be wonderful for a student.  Most kids get a yearly planner and these would be a wonderful (Think: Stocking Stuffer) gift.  Or for yourself if you're still in school.   

If I still had a kid in school I'd find them more useful and I think even if the mom set would work for you it isn't really complete without the other set.

But at $3.98 the two sets together are a steal!  Buy them now before they realize most people would pay twice that much!


Amanda 10/7/12, 4:05 PM  

I'm jealous! How did you get free shipping? It tells me it will be $5 to ship it, boo!

Tracy Reinhardt 10/7/12, 5:43 PM  

Amanda, Before I place orders online I always google for coupons - I didn't remember if I had to with this order but based on what you said, I probably did. Try googling ' coupon codes' its what I would have used most likely. My favorite site is and I think the coupon I used was this SASFS12 - I'm going to add it to the post

Amanda 10/7/12, 9:42 PM  

It worked!! Woohoo, my stickers are on their way! You're so smart, I always forget about googling for a coupon code.

Josh 10/8/12, 8:52 PM  

I love the one for "nails." Would use them on my dogs' planner to indicate days I'm going to clip their nails.

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