The Crazy Suburban Mom: Moving my Filofaxes to higher ground....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Moving my Filofaxes to higher ground....

According to "Everyone in New Jersey is watching Hurricane Sandy as it churns north. This historic storm could be New Jersey's worst-ever, and the storm's track is crucial in determining how much damage we get."


If that doesn't sound bad enough.... "Meteorologists are forecasting what could be the worst storm to hit the eastern United States in more than 70 years. Dubbed the "Frankenstorm" by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the system could potentially pummel the Mid-Atlantic and northeast with gale-force winds and snow at the same time."

Snow?  Yeah... that was the only thing missing from Stormpocalyse.

She's making a beeline right for my Filofaxes at the moment but Sandy will have to fight me for them.


Deborah- Jane 10/27/12, 7:43 AM  

My thoughts are with you, keep yourself safe and your family including the ones with fur

LJ 10/27/12, 7:46 AM  

Stay safe hun x

Tracy Reinhardt 10/27/12, 7:47 AM  

Thanks Deborah-Jane. Hoping for the best...

Tracy Reinhardt 10/27/12, 7:48 AM  

Thanks LJ, where we live it's high but there's the issues with wind damage... And power outages, etc

If you don't hear from me I probably lost power..

Lenore Webb 10/27/12, 9:47 AM  

Head on down here to Texas.....we can keep those filofaxes safe

Tracy Reinhardt 10/27/12, 11:27 AM  

Lynette, That's sound good about now!

kanalt 10/27/12, 12:27 PM  

We're also on high alert here on Long Island, flooding and beach erosion being major concerns, not to mention high winds and general hurricane damage. How much damage remains to be seen, only predicted by the exact path of the storm, as you said. Thankfully, my filos are on the second floor, so all should be well with them. I will keep you and your filos in my thoughts and prayers. We can compare damage on the other side. take care!

Tracy Reinhardt 10/27/12, 12:47 PM  

kanault - I'll be thinking of you too. This is a little unnerving - the waiting, the news reports... the everything


LucyLastic (All Things Stationery) 10/28/12, 10:45 AM  

I hope all you guys out there stay safe! Keep us updated. Sending you all positive vibes across the waters. Lucy xxx

austinlinda 10/28/12, 11:41 AM  

Thinking of y'all from here in Texas.
Please take care, put your pictures and tax returns in a plastic bag, then store them high.
I was in North Jersey in 1996, when we had a Hurricane and a white out blizzard the next weekend.
Filos can swim....they'll be fine!

Take care,
Linda Saper

Kristin Peters 10/30/12, 6:53 PM  

Best wishes from West Texas. Don't drive in deep,pooled water on streets. I am stunned at how bad New Jersey is flooding. Keep Ginger safe.

gdigesu 10/30/12, 7:32 PM  

Best wishes from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hope you and your family are doing well

Cheryl 10/30/12, 7:34 PM  

We have 25 foot high waves on Lake MI. Unreal. Hopefully all went well for you. Been watching coverage all day and listening to NJ's gov and I can't believe what I'm seeing/hearing. Stay safe!

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