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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting buy with a little help from our Filo-friends

Reading Filofax posts is a lot of fun and gives me scads of ideas.  Since you can customize a planner to suit yourself there are as many ideas as there are people using them.  And for serious, every time a Philofaxy Web Finds pops up I find a bajillion new life altering ideas and products that I need, like yesterday.   

The only downside to shopping globally is (Do I really need to say it?)  shipping costs.  I don't understand worldwide shipping costs at all.  I get that costs ARE high but some quoted shipping prices aren't reflective of the actual costs incurred to send something.

But this post isn't about my aversion to paying $50 to have a notebook sent kinda a long way.

We Filofax people are an ingenious breed and have our own methods to get life altering stickers.   We ask someone nearer to the source to get our coveted planner jewels and mail them at a fraction of the cost the company would.

  It's a roundabout way of doing things but it works for us.

 Seriously, why don't sellers want to sell to everyone so they can have the widest possible market? Things of light weight are not expensive at all to send first class and true at-cost shipping would really help this along but like I said...  Don't want to go there and I'm done.

I've sent to Christa before so when she wanted more I was glad to help.  Her orders have been rolling in for a week and now that they are here, I have to share (in an enabling sort of way).

First, I ordered  from Staples (US) for her because they don't ship internationally.  And apparently getting Martha Stewart things abroad is as hard as getting Martha herself to cater your next brunch.


This is so puzzling because I think these are some of the most desired items out there.  Look how fabulous and well designed these are!  Love the colors and beyond that they are so functional.   The Martha line isn't even available in all Staples brick and mortar places which is nuts, frankly.   Who wouldn't want to buy at least something from this line the second they saw them?  Martha please spread the organizing love around....

Other Staples items were from Daytimer brand and Christa, I have a question...


I didn't realize until now the Daytimer Mom Planner is about A5 size and the two packs of inserts are more like personal.  I went back and looked at the links and they are right according to the list but was this a mistake?  Let me know if you want me to return something here....


The Daytimer Mom Planner rocks some adorable tabbage...  Love the colors!

I also ordered the Filofax Family Organizer for her because you can't get that in Europe easily (Really, Filofax... That's just silly).  There are some images of included pages here.


P.S - And speaking of silly....It's almost November so why aren't the 2012 dated planners heavily discounted?  Does that even make a bit of sense?   I'm itching to try these out, love them and buy them forever and ever but for serious,  there's not much left to 2012.  Yes,  I'm a planner addict but I'm not crazy enough to feed my habit to the tune of full price with not much left in the year... Even I have limits.

The last place was Hazel + Russell; I've stalked them for quite some time.  The categories they sell are gifts,  wedding,  binders+files,  paper,  smartdate system,  accessories, leather and storage so definitely worth a visit even if your Filofax is bursting and can't hold another thing.

The order came carefully packed and in a box. 


Some places ship these kinds of items in envelopes so it was great to see them boxed and bubble-wrapped.


Even had a thank you card...  Gotta love that.


The project planner sheets are made by Post-It and way more attractive then their usual line.  They are 4" x 4" 50 sheets per pad and three pads in the set for $10.


The SmartGrid is also made by Post-It.  Same size, configuration and price.


The To-Do adhesive notes (also by Post-It) are 4" x 6", same configuration and price.  

So there you have it and the whole order will soon be winging it's way across the Atlantic.  Christa, hope you love everything and glad I could save you some money.  

Maybe someday sellers will charge only what it costs to ship but until then, as the Beatles said, we'll  get 'buy' with a little help from our Filo-friends...


Deborah- Jane 10/24/12, 9:06 AM  

I agree hence why I tend to keep my online shopping to the uk mainland and also on amazon try and keep the shipping free... It's also annoying when you look at the shipping and think the bus fair would be cheaper or in some cases air fair...

Tracy Reinhardt 10/24/12, 9:23 AM  

Deborah-Jane - its so silly isnt it?

austinlinda 10/24/12, 9:33 AM  

Great video...(Re: the pocket Rio) !

Tracy Reinhardt 10/24/12, 9:39 AM  

AustinLinda - Thank you so much I'm so behind on videos at the moment :)

Deborah- Jane 10/24/12, 10:57 AM  

Tracey excellent videos are always worth waiting for and yours are definately worth waiting for ;-)

Tracy Reinhardt 10/24/12, 11:03 AM  

Thank you so much for letting me know you like the videos! Made my day :)

Deborah- Jane 10/25/12, 8:17 AM  

I just had a thought ...I'm starting to get the feeling that some companies have suddenly realised, that you tubers and bloggers advertise better than they do so why put martha stewart ( or any other) in store when people can see there product on you tube....this is very lazy of them and quite short sighted too.

Tracy Reinhardt 10/25/12, 9:40 AM  

Deborah - Jane, Some companies to provide items for review. Interestingly Filofax doesn't - They do send them to some people but you have to send them back which does seem short sighted to me. How can you use it and see if it works, or is a quality item over time if you have to send it back? That's not a review as much as it is a description with pictures - which they have on their site.

kanalt 10/27/12, 12:46 PM  

I love Russell+hazel for the simple fact that their sticky notes are made by Post-it brand. I have found there some things are just not worth buying in a generic brand, sticky notes being one of them. No other brand sticks quite like Post-it's, so I avoid all other brands as best I can. What a great haul!

Alison Reeves 10/27/12, 3:57 PM  

All the Martha Steward office products are available in the UK from Staples UK - free next day delivery if you order £30 worth of products, and obviously available from their stores.

Enjoying your video's too!

Tracy Reinhardt 10/27/12, 5:02 PM  

Alison, I was sending that to the UK ... Hmmmm. I'll have to share the info with christa


kanult - It was hard to send all that off :)

Deborah- Jane 10/27/12, 6:46 PM  

I didn't Martha stewart sold in the uk staples thank you because I do like the teardrop postit ones as seen on organisedlikeJen

Alison Reeves 10/28/12, 4:28 AM  

They are on offer at the moment as well - most are 40% off.

Rianne 10/28/12, 11:25 AM  

Hi Tracy,
I really like the fact you shipped al the things.

I Live in Holland and we don't have Martha Stewart line. I see in every video the teardrop stickers from here. example organized like Jen has them and lot of other people's. Ik have looked everywhere in Holland for something like that. Not possible to get over here.

I have tried a couple of months ago if people good send my some packets of them. Too bad nobody replied.
Youre sweetheart to do that for someone else.

Can you please do that for me also.
I know it's a lot i asked. But i will pay you offcourse.

Greetings Rianne

DEM 10/28/12, 1:20 PM  

Oh no! Now another shopping site to add to my bookmarks, Tracy! I had never heard of Hazel & Russell before!

Lovely post! Thanks for sharing!

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