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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Filofax enabling on a budget....

I thought I'd do some enabling but this time make it a little budget friendly.  One of the great things about Filofax is you can really customize it.  And it doesn't have to be expensive (apparently). 

Yesterday I was near a 'Dollar Store' and figured I check out the office supplies.   I wasn't expecting much but there were some great sticker deals.    The selection ranged from scrapbook type stickers to officey ones.    I don't normally use the scrap booking types so I passed on those, but I know a lot of people love them,  particularly to decorate dividers.

I stuck to the ones below.   The colored dots were a real steal (each pack had a few hundred)  for $1 each and two kinds of arrows (also $1 each).  The smaller arrows in the back are bright orange and opaque, the multi-colored ones are translucent.


The translucent ones are very similar to these:

Which are  (way, way) overpriced. 

  I thought they might not stick but I gave them a go anyway and they are sticky.


So my first suggestion is to try a local dollar store.  You may strike office supply gold and even it what you buy doesn't pan out you've not made much of an investment.

Moving onto Yozo Craft, my favorite place for great prices.

There are several versions of Hello Kitty Stickers and I had to add at least one.  I know not everyone likes Hello Kitty but for those of us that do finding them a good price is wicked fun.  

Yozo has a lot of things that ship free as part of an order and Hello Kitty does!

These are some of my favorite to-do sheet stickers at  $2.50 for two sheets they are a good deal. There is a second set for the same price :

I've bought these a few times already, can't seem to get enough!

I love these Kawaii Travel Stickers, there's something so appealing about making it look like I'm a world traveler (even though I rarely leave the house.)  These are another one with free shipping so the $1.65 price is fantastic!

Yozo has a lot of paper things that can go into a Filofax; stationery and notebooks especially.  Not everything is perfectly sized but the stationary can be cut, the notepads punched or slipped into a pocket and the pouches can be punched easily (I know that, I've done it a lot)

A lot of the stationary is so cute!

Stationary that says 'I'm so happy! for $1.85.  At 6.5" x 9.8" it would need a trim but definitely workable and would give you some adorable pages.

I've gotten several different pouches; this one's next on my list:

At 3.2" x 8" this would hold a couple of pencils or random small things punched to fit an A5 and it runs only $2.25.  A bargain on par with the Dollar Store stuff!

Etsy is another good place to look but searching is the key because frequently different sellers carry the same item for varying prices and shipping.  Many times it pays or order more then one item because it cuts the shipping fee per item.  

I kinda love these cookie stickers!

The price is only $1.25 with $2.25 shipping but the shipping drops if you buy more because the second item ships for 25 ¢.  So you could add these for $1.25....

and these for another 60 ¢

And you'd only add another 50 ¢ to the shipping.  

Frequently on Esty ordering multiple things is a much better deal.

And because I can't go a day without searching for Filofaxes, here's the best deal I found all week-end.


There's a Filofax Balmoral on Ebay UK (Of course, where else would it be?)  There are six days left, no bids and it opens at £2.00.  The seller says: " Very Rare Very classy and Very expensive.  (yeah, I totally agree)

Filofax Personal Binder Gorgeous Rich black italian leather.  Used but in superb condition many pockets and pouches on the inside for Credit Cards, Cash or Receipts etc.  

Holds two pens/pencils and a press stud fastener
Comes with three filofax rulers/divider tabs but no inserts

It's sounds like a bit of ringed heaven..  Only problem is now my keyboard is all drooled up.




Jennifer Bunagan Reyes 10/15/12, 6:28 AM  

Why oh why are why are you enabling me to buy more cute stuff!!! Haha! Great finds! Thanks for the great tips!

Tracy Reinhardt 10/15/12, 4:37 PM  

Jennifer, I can't seem to help it! I love surfing for filo stuff!

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