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Monday, October 15, 2012

A step in the right (set-up) direction

This is an update to the post I wrote about how I can have such an extensive to-do list and forget to shower...

I wanted to get started on my new and improved life ASAP but I've had a migraine for the last three days and complex thinking is out.

Since I wasn't able to  contemplate a whole new system I decided to list everything ( like I've been doing pretty much) but separate the personal self-care stuff from the  regular to-do's.

filofax to do

Managing two lists works better then I thought.

filofax to do

I put the 'me' stuff on the left...

filofax to do

The regular to-do's on the right.

 I've yet to make my bed, which is on the list everyday, but fixing yourself is a process.  The biggest downside to this is it's huge paper suck.  

filofax pen storage

I decided to keep some of the pens I'm using for lists in Mr. Malden's notebook slot to make the process even easier.    That's  working well because I don't have to hunt through the pencil trough  for something to write with.

Speaking of the  pencil case I separated everything by type into zip top bags this morning.  


And that is perfect!  I was dumping everything in  (pens, pencils, stickers, clips, scissors, the japanese book awl...) and sticking a hand in there was hazardous.   More then once I pulled my hand out attached to the business end of a scissor.


When my  head quiets to a dull roar, I'll  explore ways integrate all to-do's on one list because that's kinda ideal....  But to be honest if I can't come up with anything else that works, who am I to argue?


Songbird68 10/15/12, 3:03 PM  

What about the dreaded..... color coding? In this case, you'd really only need 2 colors (personal & "other").

My sympathies on the migraines. I get those too, from time to time, but I'm lucky in that they don't last 3 days. If I take Extra-Strength Excedrin in time, like in the first 5 minutes, I'm usually better within half an hour. If I don't though, it's kind of a nightmare.

Tracy Reinhardt 10/15/12, 4:36 PM  

Songbird - I'm not sure I can work color coding. Thats one of the reasons I put the pens in the Malden but I still wasn't getting it! I rarely have migraines this long - but every once in a while , UGH

LJ 10/16/12, 1:24 PM  

Hope your migraine is gone soon - ouch and yeuch!!! Colour coding always looks so good and effective, but I can´t do it either. Apart from forgetting what each colour is for I find it way too depressing to see that everything is coloured black for work - ha ha ha!!!

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