The Crazy Suburban Mom: Yep, still got a Filofax Rio as a wallet

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yep, still got a Filofax Rio as a wallet

Back in June I started using my Pocket Rio as a wallet.  Since that time I've gone back and forth between my A5's a lot.  I don't  know why I'm forever exchanging the contents of those two.

But the Rio has been a constant and I think it's because I'm someone feels more secure carrying paper, can't remember a grocery list to save my life, and it's a very easy size to customize.   I've had a few people ask if I'm still using it so I wanted to say, Yes. Absolutely.  

Pocket rio filofax wallet

It's very easy to carry and doesn't scream, NERD! When I take it out to pay at the grocery check out line. 

Pocket rio filofax wallet

It's got a very clutch-like appearance.  The leather is very nice; stiffer then a Chameleon but with some give.  I think it's a good leather to use as a wallet because living in my enormous, cluttered purse is dangerous. 
Pocket rio filofax wallet

Truly anything has to live in that mess deserves hazard pay... and  I haven't had any issues with nicks and dings.  

Pocket rio filofax wallet

It's short on credit card slots.  There are none but that's easy enough to remedy.  You can buy something and punch it or use an available standard insert.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

I have a few but use them for stamps and random bits.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

You can also cut down a credit card inserts from a larger size and use it.  So while it would be nice to have some credit card slots, it's a pretty minor negative.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

There is a unlimited amount of ways to carry small things...

Pocket rio filofax wallet

There is a full length bill fold slot which is very roomy.  I've got money, receipts, prescriptions, coupons and a small book back there.  And it still closes with no issues.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

The zipper pocket where I carry change is pretty good.   Definitely more flexible then when I first started using it and while a gusseted pocket would be a hundred times better, it works well enough.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

A pocket Filofax is the easiest size I've ever customized.  Almost anything can be cut down and still be functional.  If you want to be creative with an A5 you need to start with something fairly large and with the personal I've found proportions a bit off (just bit too short or wide) and while you can cut things to fit a mini, things end up looking stunted.  

Cutting down cards and post cards is very easy in pocket sized.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

And paper.  Making plain sheets is a breeze in a pocket.   Keep in mind the diameter of the holes gets a little smaller in this size.  The standard hole punch is about 5mm while the A5 and Personal sized holes seem to be 4mm.  When you get down to the pocket or mini, it makes a difference.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

I'm not using it for a calendar because what I need in my purse is the grocery price book...

Pocket rio filofax wallet

And a place for shopping lists.

Keeping the contents a little focused leaves me room for...

Pocket rio filofax wallet

Not only the cutest post it notes ever...

Pocket rio filofax wallet

And the second cutest post it notes ever, as well.

I know this is post it overload but they make me smile and you can't have too many reasons to smile.


Alondra Karwowski 9/25/12, 2:31 PM  

I honestly watch your pocket rio YouTube video like.. everyday. I LOOOOVEEE your cute sticky notes! I saw them on eBay but I was always hesitant to buy because I wasn't sure if they stuck to stuff well enough (I've had issues with cute post it notes not wanting to stick to anything). I also love all the other bits and pieces. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Josh 9/25/12, 8:49 PM  

Love it! So glad you can make this work. I tried using a smaller filofax as a wallet but it never really worked for me. I love the color of your Rio. And I love the pattern on the fabric lining too. Awesome!

Tracy Reinhardt 9/26/12, 1:18 AM  

Alondra, I watch videos over and over too. Look for filofax related videos everyday and rewatch old ones.

You're right those aren't very sticky. I use them for things like page marking books, something to write things like phone numbers on, temporary stuff.

Josh, I'm so surprised I can make it work!! Glad too, that pink is so pretty!


Anonymous,  9/28/12, 4:13 AM  

Nice nails!

Tracy Reinhardt 9/30/12, 10:25 AM  

Thank you cgarsnrealest8! The color is Maybelling Color Show in Boho Gold!

Doris 10/9/12, 5:37 AM  

Your post made me want to break out a Pocket again for a wallet. (:

Tiki Jane 11/24/12, 7:26 PM  

I'm trying to find necessities in festive colors (like this pink!).

Alas, I've only recently discovered the Filo/Philo community, so all of these are new to me - and the Rio is gone!

Any suggestions as to what Filo model might do duty as a wallet assuming I don't stumble across a pocket Rio (in pink, of course!)?

Cathy Vee 5/8/13, 10:03 PM  

Loving the color!

Cruz Johnson 7/30/13, 6:06 PM  

It's short on credit card slots. There are none

- Love that crazy suburban wit, Tracy!

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