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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm getting closer to printing inserts correctly and wanted to post the settings just in case any one else is having similar issues.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on but I narrowed the main issue down to image resolution (600 dpi).  My first thought was a printer setting  needed changing;  all the inserts were scaled down to about 70%.

I  thought if I could find the elusive setting and re-scaled the image (back to 100%) it would all work out.   But no matter what I tried the HP 8500 A910 seemed stuck printing a sized down  image. 

 I'm going to spare you most of the printer horror show except to say  I started at 100 sheets of Clairefontaine DCM paper and now have about 30 left with a ton of misprinted stuff and have taken to referring to my printer as 'That giant doody-face"

I'm not the only person with this issue, there are plenty of peeved-off folks with this same printer who are pulling their hair out on forums.  

Somehow in my frantic setting changes I realized altering the image resolution changed that 70% scaled down size; higher resolution scaled it down more, lower scaled it up.   The verdict is, a 300 dpi gives me a full size print.

So, at the moment I can get 4 prints per page (2 front/2 back) but mysteriously - Only if I print using Picassa.  I make the inserts on Photoshop Elements but can only print them from Picassa (a free Google image editor).  Why,  who knows?  I got four A5 sized inserts printed on one sheet of A4 paper, twice, so I don't give a flap-doodle  why.

Every printer is different but if you have a similar issue with a different printer changing the image resolution take care of it so I thought it was worth posting about.

There are a few other settings that make it work;  here are the print screens of the dialog boxes. 

 I haven't cut the inserts apart so I don't know for total, absolute sure I've found the   solution, I've had so much trouble with the whole printing shebang, I'm shell-shocked from failure. 

But this is a big step in the right direction even if it's not quite the last step.


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