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Friday, September 28, 2012

Stickers for your 2013 Filofax set up...

It's getting to be that time of year again; when thoughts of my 2013 Filofax set up begin cropping up.

And it got me thinking ...

I did a post about the top tabs in my Filofax.  

So many people wrote to find out where to get them.  The stickers came with a request for a charitable donation so I don't know where to get those exact ones.  There are a lot of options for those types of calendar stickers though and I wanted to share some. 

I haven't gotten a  Flylady Sticker set in a few years but I might soon because are really great for adding to a planner.  The price is  $5.95 with $4.12 shipping. Flylady will ship internationally (example: Cost of shipping to the UK is $7.34).  Shipping time is a little slow but it's not a huge multinational corporation!

From the site:  The FlyLady Sticker Kit is for those of you who have purchased your calendar from another place, but still want to use the FlyLady stickers or you simply need a refill. The FlyLady Sticker Kit includes over 500 specially designed FlyLady stickers which work with this calendar to help you plan your busy week. They include: School event, make menu, birthday, no school, desk time, doctor, dentist, vet, date night, me time, free time, anniversary, sports, vacation, renew your spirit, party, zone stickers and more.

From the site:  Everyday Planning Stickers: Brighten up your calendar with these colorful calendar stickers to remind you of appointments, day-to-day tasks and special events. Includes stickers to mark birthdays, haircuts, meetings, parties, sport events, weddings, workouts, and more. 4 sheets, 246 stickers.  

They cost $2.99 and ship flat rate at $5.00 so it pays to look around and see if you want something else. 

Like these...

Mom's Calendar Planning Stickers: Includes 1,232 stickers to mark any calendar with appointments, birthdays, trips, and more! There are stickers to mark various holidays as well as sleepovers, field trips, carpool days, vacations, doctor appointments, birthdays, and many more. 

There is also a non-mom set here.   These two are very reasonably priced at a crazy afforable $1.99!

They suggest people in the UK order from their sister site here.  I didn't see these exact stickers but they have others.

Mrs. Grossman's company put some out as well.

And they are veryreasonably priced.  Hers are called Calendar Stickers.  You get two sheets for $1.79.  I went through the order process to check shipping and there was none, so it's a great bargain. I can't tell if they ship outside the US.

Lord Dodo makes diary stickers too!  320 self-adhesive reminder stickers in 14 different designs to help you spotlight special occasions and the must do moments in your family life. 2 sheets per pack at £2.95.  

Aother option is Lilly Pulitzer.

From the site: This Lilly Pulitzer Sticker Set will help keep your busy life organized in style! Use the stickers to personalize the front of your Lilly Pulitzer Agenda, and the reminders to make sure you don't miss a single thing.

They cost more, $6 plus $7 shipping (Really high for a set of stickers) and it doesn't look like they ship outside the US although for Seven bucks they certainly could.

I hope this helps everyone who thought my stickers would be great to have.  I find them essential.  I use them in my dated section and attatched to top tabs.  Any of these could defintely work well, depending on the space you have and what kinds of things you need to mark.  

If you want to do a general Google search for them the best key words I used were "calendar stickers', "agenda stickers' and "diary stickers" 

Just FYI: The search dairy stickers produces more of the japanese style cute stickers rather then ones specific to a planner.  Still well worth the look though some are very useful.   Just check these out!

These are from Yozocraft and the set has 24 pages of stickers! Even at$10 they are a bargain because there's something for everyone in this set.


JohnofJenkins 9/28/12, 9:27 AM  

Okay, conversation - do you reply to your comments and emails or only those that interest you. I did send you an email but I guess it got lost somewhere. Oh and by the way, New Jersey is NOT ugly - how can it be Frank Sinatra came from N.J.

John McVey

Tracy Reinhardt 9/28/12, 9:46 AM  

John, I reply a lot but it depends on how the day is going. So some do go unanswered but in a random way. As to emails I do answer those. I went back and looked and I can't find one from you - not sure why.

As to NJ not being ugly, I agree, it's not. I don't believe I said it was - usually my tag is 'new jerseys not ugly'. That is why I post the pictures that I do.

I recently changed that section to 'beautiful NJ' because I didn't want the tag to catch 'ugly nj'

The Perpetual Student TPS 9/28/12, 10:43 AM  

Hello! I don't use diary stickers because I don't want to use them up only to find that they aren't being sold any more! So instead I would like some cute stamps and nice coloured ink pads- maybe I'll get some for Christmas! I've seen some on etsy :)

Sandra 9/28/12, 10:48 AM  

Love this post! Paperchase in the UK sells colorful dots, too, for marking one's events.

MySummerTouch 9/28/12, 2:46 PM  

This is a great post! Very useful!
I wonder, have you tried using FlyLady system for yourself? I just found the site several days ago and consider using it.

Tracy Reinhardt 9/28/12, 5:13 PM  

Kate, I've been there! Frustrating!

Sandra, I forgot about paper chase - I look on that site a lot but shipping to the US is really high. Borders books used to sell it but they are gone now

My summer touch - Yes and no, on Flylady. Ive done it but never 100%. Can't seem to get to the point where I want to wear my shoes all the time and while I like a shiny sink - I can't seem to make it work 24/7. Just can't seem to focus on that constantly.

Tina 10/2/12, 9:49 PM  

Oooo so many stickers! And so cute!! I'm not a big fan of calendar stickers tbh but I do like stickers, random stickers will go on my Filofax all the time. Working at a school in the primary and elementary area gives me a good excuse to have a ridiculous collection! I do however use theme stickers a bit, like the day J.K. Rowling's new book came out had a pirate jumpig with joy next to the text! ^^I do think the ones you've found tho are gorge!!! :) xx

Cheryl 11/21/12, 6:34 PM  

Thank you for sharing such great resources! Love these stickers!

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