The Crazy Suburban Mom: September #4 365/30 Lists: Philofaxers!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September #4 365/30 Lists: Philofaxers!

September's List #4:  Reasons to start ______ (fill in your own reasons to start whatever you want!)

I picked crafting for all the reasons listed!

I tried the 30 day list thing once and it was a ginormous bust, didn't even get as far as #4.   I think this works for me because it has to do with my Filofax directly.  Something about that motivates me!    Addictions tend to be specific, I suppose.

  Label something  Filofax  and I start salivating; Filofax addiction is a cruel mistress but I kind of love her anyway.

 If you haven't checked out the  365/30 Lists: Philofaxers Facebook group(30 days of lists/blog posts for people in the Philofaxy world!) give it a look-see!  


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