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Friday, September 14, 2012

Planner pages and economy of space...

On day 10 of the 30 days of Filofax lists, I realized something.  


I wasn't using all the available space per page and realized I'd be taking most of them out fairly soon or The Jolly Green Giant would be ralphing lists like a cannon.

  With my to-do sheets I strive for economy of paper.  It's not a money thing; it's just that I'd like to keep any many past dates with me as possible without upsetting the delicate ring balance. 

It's probably why I've never given page per day (or even worse  two page per day) inserts a try.  Why keep a ton of used pages in there covered with blank space?   Pages with less information then they could hold don't seem especially efficient.

That is precisely why using free form to-do sheets book-ended by the Dodo Week on two pages works so well for me.  

If I used any of the page per day inserts I'd have so much blank paper to weed through, both past and future.  This way I only have the Dodo Week on two pages and an amount of pages in-between.  Some weeks are heavy and I might have six pages, but it's usually more like 4.  And they are used up.  

So I decided this would work a lot better for the 30 days of lists too and changed this week.


It's the perfect solution for me.

From time to time, I remove things but the build up in slower, predictable, and I don't have to worry one day I'll hear my Filofax groan, open it's own rings, and spew the contents of my life into orbit.


Josh 9/14/12, 12:45 PM  

I'm totally going to try this for next year. We'll see how it works. Some weeks I think I'll have too many appointments to squeeze into the dodo grid, but I think I can just put 7 sheets of paper with the date at top of each those weeks to give me the necessary space. You're right tho, when I look over several weeks of my planner, I see that at least 50% of the day-on-two-pages spread is blank space. I go through phases where I journal the hell out of the notes page but am doing that less.

Pretty pictures!

kanalt 9/14/12, 6:42 PM  

This is totally not related to the content of your post (which is great, by the way) but I have to say that I have never heard anyone but my dad say "Ralph". I love it, you made my day! ;-)

Tracy Reinhardt 9/14/12, 6:53 PM  

Josh, Yeah, thats really it. You can always customize a blank sheet, even draw a line down the side to add times on days with lots of appointments. I know you don't have to stick with the section lay out in timed planners but really, if you have mostly 'things to do' or notes to take it just makes more sense for me to use an un-categorized page. There's just so much the rings can hold so unless your very, very busy with exactly the same thing day after day and lots of timed appointment on a constant basis it seems like a lot of paper will be wasted.

kanalt, I usually say, toss a lunch monkey in this circumstance... But I've used it before :) I like to change up my euphemisms!

Thank you both for commenting, that makes my day!


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