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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Filofax sans schmutz

I do a lot of customizing in my Filofax.  The  main  impetus isn't to have a creative planner per se,  although I do quite like the artistic process and results.  The main reason is money;  I don't buy a lot of inserts because I can't afford to make mistakes.  

 So I wrack my brain to come up with ways to use things I already have.   Recently I added a recipe section.

 I try a lot of recipes but only do a few over and over.  Sometimes it's the recipe itself, sometime a very successful cooking method. I've  begun adding winners to my Filofax for easy reference.   

That caused a few problems; how do I keep them from getting ratty and do I want my Filofax in the kitchen where it can get cooking schmutz on it?

First I thought I'd keep a fly leaf in that section but then I have to move it around which is a pain.  Plus that only tackles one issue; doesn't solve the cooking schmutz issue at all.  

This morning I stumbled upon a solution.  I try to use what I have whenever possible and this is a perfect example.  Filofax inserts come in an over-wrap that is, of course, the exact right size to hold pages.  It's not going to be as durable as the branded document holder but it doesn't have to be, I'm not constantly taking these pages in and out of the plastic (although I do plan to add reinforcements around the holes for durability).

filofax wrapping

The over-wraps come with every package of inserts, won't cost anything extra, and all you need to do in hole punch them.  And as you can see from the above picture they are totally clear. So I figured why spend $5 to buy the branded envelopes?  It's really the perfect solution for me, I just remove the protected page and bring it with me to the kitchen.

chicken recipe filofax section

I'm  sure the Filofax envelopes will last longer but if I keep the  plastic over wraps from insert purchases, I'll have another in the wings should this one turn to dust.

For me this is a great solution; it's totally clear, free, and doesn't add any bulk.  Compared to the envelopes you can purchase, it's thinner allowing me to protect a lot of pages without taking up too much ring real estate.

I wanted to do a post because while most people don't do recipes in their Filofaxes I can see this being a good solution for different kinds of lists you want to keep clean and fresh; important phone numbers, the Filofax personal information page, work contacts, written ink samples...  Whatever really.


Josh 9/13/12, 11:14 AM  

I've done this too, I guess great minds think alike! If you want, you're welcome to my stash of DayTimer "desk" size inserts, which are about A5 size. Just holler! They're just taking up space in my desk.

Songbird68 9/13/12, 11:46 AM  

Yep, I'm another one who likes to use "all parts of the animal"... the plastic sleeve, and sometimes the cardboard inserts (which make good dividers, dressed up w/ craft paper or whatever).

My question though: for kitchen/recipe use, aren't you concerned about the exterior leather binder itself getting gunked up? What about using your PVC portfolio from B&N for all recipes? You could wipe down that one easily, both the pages and the exterior.

Tracy Reinhardt 9/13/12, 12:45 PM  

Thanks Josh! I'm doing okay at the moment and don't want to add more things I have to find a place for -

Songbird, use the whole animal! Love it, wish I'd thought of that :)

I actually put recipes in there I want to try but the recipes I'm putting in my filo are the things I always need. With the plastic over them I can take them out of the filo and lay them on the counter. I'm not bringing the filo in the kitchen

Printed Portal 9/15/12, 2:36 AM  

Neat idea. I usually keep recipes in the Filofax, but keep the filo just outside the door of the kitchen - and run back and forth. ...

Probably not the best idea, but means I learn the recipe better in the long run. And can learn to cook the dish without looking at the recipe every two seconds.

Tracy Reinhardt 9/15/12, 3:51 AM  

printed portal - I wish I could do that! Tried with the recipes in the living room and it was too much of a workout! Found I had to keep sprinting!

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