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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Filofax Price Book DIY Insert

Even before I used a Filofax full time I wanted to make a grocery price book.  If you've never heard of it, a price book tracks prices over time and between shops.  It  might be the best way to save money.

There are things I always buy and by tracking their prices  over time I can get a handle on what the lowest price a given item drops to, which store consistently sells it at the lowest price, and I can find out  if there is a predictable sale cycle.

Doing this takes some time and a bit of work but I think the savings more then covers the hassle.  If I know how frequently I purchase something,  how often the best price rolls around ( and at which stores),  I can stock up on these groceries for the lowest price and save a lot of money.

If you can combine the best price with a coupon even better but I don't think it's necessary to go coupon crazy.   Stores put out flyers weekly and while not everything is a great sale, there are always 'loss leaders'.  

Loss leaders are really, really, really low priced items designed to get you in the store.  They figure if you're attracted by a few saletastic prices, they've got your whole paycheck.

 I made a DIY Filofax insert with a basic layout.   The main category is at the top.

This one is pasta sauce

How I track prices is by; which store, sale price, brand or type of item (for the chicken category I'm doing it by part), regular price, price per unit (pound, ounce, etc) week number, and if there are any restrictions.

Here are the 2012 week numbers.

The image can be enlarged by clicking or  go to the site click here

Many times there aren't any restrictions, but if I have to buy 10 bottles of something I don't use a lot I usually pass on the sale .  

 Unless it's slammin', of course.

Besides regular sale cycles things go on sale seasonally.  Since I'm posting this in September here is a list of categories most likely to show up in a sale flyer.

Rice because it's National Rice Month
Honey because it's National Honey Month
Crackers and cookies because it's National Biscuit Month
Chicken, it's National Chicken Month
Cereal because it's National Breakfast Month
I know this is getting silly but - Ice cream sandwiches for National Ice Cream Sandwich Month

It's also Baby Items Month
Labor Day in the US
Rosh Hashanah
Dog things for National Dog Week
Certain brands in general for Hispanic Heritage Month

Here's some things that historically go on sale in September:

Lunch Box Products, School's starting!
Tomato Products
Diabetic Food Products
Diabetic Products

Produce in Season for September:


Clearance Summer Items:

Picnic Items
BBQ products

Seasonal Sale Items:

Baby Products
Lunch Boxes
Back Packs

The price book page below is a clickable image.  If you want the .jpg  file email me and I'll send it to you.  I'm still working on it, it's just a basic lay-out with no artsy do-dads but I wanted to get started right away so as soon as I had the basic lay out, I printed it.

If you try it out, please let me know what works and what doesn't and if anyone wants me to try making it in a size other then A5, I'll give it a whirl.


kanalt 9/12/12, 6:00 AM  

I never would have thought of this! I'm more of a get-everything-in-one-store kind of girl myself. I know I could save money by going to several different stores, but currently, my time is more valuable to me than hitting up 10 different store for my shopping. Of course this may change in the future. What a great idea!

Tracy Reinhardt 9/12/12, 6:18 AM  

I originally read about price books in the book the tightwad gazette. Which is pretty fabulous, really. Not that I could take all the suggestions but many I'd never thought of...

The thing about pricebooks is if you know when somethings low from tracking you can buy stuff you always use - and you'll get the lowest price plus you can buy things in advance. I save money when I do this, if I buy 10 sodas at the lowest price it's a saving and I also don't have to shop as often.

Even if all you do for a few months is track sales in flyers you could save money - When you see something really low that use use all the time - buy in bulk at that time. That way you're not altering how you shop and over time your 'extra' supply will grow and what you need all the time will shrink.

I don't have a lot of room, and this is pretty space dependant. I can't stock up to a huge extent but after clearing out what no one eats in the pantry I did have a little room to stock up

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