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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Filofax enabling: forgive me...

I found an emerald green finsbury on eBay UK.  I know they don't come up often and so many people comment on the A5 emerald Finsbury I found so I thought I'd include this one even though it's a personal size.

There's one bid so far of £14.99 with four days left.  A great deal considering it comes with some inserts.

The 5/4 Winchester (eBay UK) is always popular but this one's expensive , starting bid is £70.00   I rarely see them listed for this much from the start.   There's three days left if you've got money to burn and this model is on your bucket list.

This auction is for a lot, including one Filofax planner, one other brand and 33 different inserts (the seller says they are 90% Filofax).  I've seen this listing before.  Looks like it didn't sell and the price was dropped to a Buy it Now price of £33.15.  Sounds like kinda a bargain to me.  The shipping's pretty good too.

I am always peeked by Filofaxes put out by companies bearing logos.  This one was put out by Campbell's (the soup company, I assume.) It ends today and the starting bid of £4.99 hasn't been made yet. It looks like a personal size to me and I love the color.

I found this on eBay US and like many things called 'rare' and collectible, it's grossly over-priced.

The title of the listing is ' Collectors! Very Rare Filofax Personal Credit Card Holder in Black Calf Leather'  It's got a $75 dollar starting bid with a Buy it Now of $120.  I know these don't come up often so I'm including it but really, that price?  Shame, shame...

Also on eBay US site (but in the UK)  is this model described as 'RARE Vintage Filofax Dual Organiser DMLF 7/8Measures:17cm x 19cm closed - 45cm x 19cm open  Great condition'  I've never seen this before, it's got two sets of rings.  It's currently got bids to GBP 32.00 with a week left.  Looks like it holds two sets of personal inserts.  Intriguing.

This next one gave me palpitations ..

The description is "AUTHENTIC Vintage S de CARTIER  Navy Blue calfskin diary with 18k gold plated corners and blue sapphire cabochons.  Measuring 8" wide and 9.5" in height, opens to a width of 20"
The left side features a large compartment, 1 ID and 3 credit card slots, on the right: a pen holder and a large compartment as well. The back side of the agenda book has a zippered compartment. 
In the center you will find a 6 ring binder (1" rings) composed of the full 2012 Cartier diary in French and English, which include:
Measurements: 8"( 20 cm) X 9.5" (24 cm)

It reads pure class.  The starting bid of £89.00 hasn't been made yet but there's about four days left.


Lord Dodo 9/26/12, 9:05 AM  

OOOH - the Cartier looks amazing...have just bought a Temperley as a wallet though so will just have to ogle away!

Tracy Reinhardt 9/26/12, 9:28 AM  

I feel the same way! It is really lovely!

Mags Rennie 9/26/12, 11:25 AM  

Oh dear I succumbed - I fear I may be in trouble!

Tracy Reinhardt 9/26/12, 11:32 AM  

Mags Rennie, which one????

Josh 9/26/12, 11:54 AM  

Oh for chrissakes... Just days after I give up and buy a 7/8 Winchester, a 5/4 comes available? How annoying!

That Cartier is GORGEOUS but sounds VERY BIG(?).

The credit card holder is absurdly overpriced.

By the way, I'm quite impressed that Lord Dodo reads your blog!

Mags Rennie 9/26/12, 11:59 AM  

the one with the 33 inserts *hanging head in shame* cos if they aren't personal size oh boy am I in trouble!!! :o(

Mags Rennie 9/26/12, 12:00 PM  

I didn't dare let myself look too closely at the cartier lol!

Tracy Reinhardt 9/26/12, 12:11 PM  

Josh, I know, I know! I almost didn't post that because I thought it would make you ill. The cartier looks big to me too, over a5 maybe and I know! That credit card thing. People are crazy in the US - it's why I almost never look for things vintage on ebay - And I know! Lord Dodo posting makes my day!

Mags Rennie - It looked personal to me too and the price seemed really good. I'd have bought it if I could make a personal work for me

Josh 9/26/12, 12:18 PM  

It's ok, I'm pretty thrilled to be getting a bright red one! But 5/4 rings are the bees knees!

The Emerald Finsbury is beautiful... I love that color. Unfortunately I don't need another Filofax and I'm not generally all that fond of the Finsbury...

Steve Morton 9/26/12, 3:28 PM  

I have a leather coin/change holder, I bought it off Ebay for about £10 I think. It was brand new unused as well. Very nicely made as well.

The seller also had some of the leather credit card holders but I didn't buy one of those, quite bulky for cards

Tracy Reinhardt 9/26/12, 4:02 PM  

Josh, can't wait to see a pic when it arrives!

Steve - the change thing sounds like a great thing, this could be too I guess but so overpriced!

Mags Rennie 10/6/12, 3:42 PM  

Oh thank goodness they were personal size!!! I have converted my OH over to the dark side!!!

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