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Friday, September 21, 2012

Filofax as objet d'amour

A lot of people ask if I take my A5 Filofax with me.   I do, not all the time but frequently.

I love hotels w/ @starbucks. They make you coffee at 5 am with a smile #marriott #starbucks

Here it is at the Marriott checking out the Sunday Paper and sharing a Venti Starbucks with me.


And about a week ago we went to the dentist.  Oh! What a time we had...

Wednesday I was feeling a bit down, dunno why.     Nothing helped and I spent most of the day in Funk City, New Jersey.

Late in the evening I brought in the big guns; retail therapy and decided on a new planner.  I don't need a(nother)  new one but retail therapy is about exciting impulsiveness  (i.e. Going to the market to buy canned corn and a new toilet brush isn't retail therapy), not need. 

From the very first moment, decades ago, that I held the Portland Personal I felt a rush.  It was perfect in every way,  gift wrapped in sumptuous leather and promising  me a better life. And  cracking open a new Filofax still does that to me. (Or does it?) 

I decided on The Midori Traveler's Notebook, passport size.  I have the regular one and coveted the small one for a long time.  

Clicking 'buy' didn't get me out of my funk because for real, I felt like I was cheating on Filofax.    People who love Filofax are very brand loyal and those that love 'em just do.  

So what was I doing buying a Midori Traveler's Notebook?  

I'm really not sure.  

Sometimes when you love something you hang in there despite clues that there's trouble in Paradise.  You focus on to the good times and ignore signals that something's just not right until one day it dawns on you;  your objet d'amour doesn't quite appreciate you the way you expected.  

Or love you back.

At the moment I'm not breaking up but recent experiences have given me  pause and I'm going to wait and see how it all shakes out.  

BeFunky Instant 2 on iPhone

Part 2 is coming soon; a compare and contrast of the Filofax vs. The Traveler's Notebook.  Part 3 will be ready when I get the smaller one.  


Anonymous,  9/22/12, 5:20 AM  

It looks sooooooo pretty in your bag! The green and black look so cool together

Tracy Reinhardt 9/23/12, 4:32 AM  


That emerald green finsbury is the best color I've seen in ages! Wish they made other binders in that color because I'd buy them!


Anonymous,  9/23/12, 8:24 AM  

It really is!! They need to create brighter colours once in a while.

Its such a beautiful green im so envious! Im gonna search ebay everyday until I find my own beatiful binder

Tracy Reinhardt 9/23/12, 9:46 AM  

When I bought it I thought it was aqua, the picture was so bad!! I posted the picture from ebay a few months ago.

Thought I was getting an aqua filofax until it arrived. Luckily I love it anyway! Descriptions can be so off!

indigogarden 9/26/12, 1:21 AM  

I'm looking forward to your review of the Midori Passport Notebook. I'm considering getting a Midori notebook for journaling, but I haven't decided which size I want. I still love my filofaxes and will continue to use them, but sometimes a good notebook to write in is what is needed most.

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