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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Filofax (and -ish) enabling

Because I can't help myself here's another Filofax enabling post.  The -ish part comes later....

This lovely Pocket Waverley Filofax is made of  'Deluxe smooth, fine lambskin leather' and it's really does look like it from the pictures.   It pretty beautiful and I've never seen this model before.  The shipping is pretty expensive (although it's worldwide).  I think the clasp is very classy looking.

Listed as A5 Bridle Leather Filofax, no name given but there are lots of images - Maybe someone will know what it is.  The seller states," had to get the A5 size from France as only had the smaller sizes in this leather in the UK."  

 I love the well loved condition but I know some people don't.  You can see it has the newer rings, what a shame.

This is another great older Filofax labeled 'Filofax made in England, real calf leather, 4CLF 7/8'    but  the leather is embossed.  Embossed leather isn't anything I wanted in the past but with everyone's Baroque pictures I've had a change of heart.   I'm loving the embossed thing a lot lately.

Here come the -ish...

Listed as 'Louis Vuitton  Filofax'  located in the UK but shipping is World Wide.   Really low starting price; it's only at about $14 now.  

Another Louis Vuitton and I love this pattern.  I'd never considered these before but I'll bet the quality is spot on.

And speaking of quality...

Heavy sigh. 

Expensive to buy, expensive to ship but...  Chanel.  Heavy sigh all over again.

Another fabulous Chanel, another heavy sigh...  The pictures show the rings and it's hard to tell much about them but they look remarkably  similar to Filofaxes 'old' rings which pretty much rocked.

And yes I know,  these are couture branded planners are  expensive but consider this; they are cheaper - by about half - then the Temperley which are selling on the US site for around $600.  The Temperly makes the Chanel and LV planners look like flipping bargain.

And one more -ish thing...

I love old ads and think this would be fabulous framed!


Shabby Vintage Junk 9/5/12, 7:32 AM  

Tracy you're so BAD for bringing these to our attention....**wink**....The binders are GORGEOUS & I'm really liking the Filofax advert....!!!!!

Tamarah :o)

Josh 9/5/12, 10:37 AM  

I'm trying to figure out why I'm finding posh filofax type binders so appealing lately. Like the Chanel models above. Very not-my-style but I can't stop lusting after them. Been gazing at binders from Aspinal of London, Smythson, Glenroyal, etc.

Sharon Korkes 9/5/12, 4:31 PM  

What are you doing to me?!

Tracy Reinhardt 9/5/12, 4:53 PM  

Tamarah, I know, but I love them and always look for them.

Josh, I look at the same ones as you.

Sharon, the other side of that coin is I do it to myself worse :) You how many I looked at before I decided to post about them> ? LOL I torture myself regularly like that!

Noemi 9/11/12, 11:57 AM  

I'm loving the Louis Vuitton Filofax!

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