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Sunday, September 2, 2012

365/30 day Lists - Funner things to do with your Filofax

If you haven't checked out the  365/30 Lists: Philofaxers Facebook group (30 days of lists/blog posts for people in the Philofaxy world!) give it a look-see!   I'm always on the lookout for something  unique and FUN! to do with my Filofaxes

Lists are very  appealing to me because they give my life (the semblance of) order.  I make lists everyday but my lists are all over the place; scattered, random.  I love the idea that each list focuses on a topic.

The first list of each month is the same, goals for that month.



This is something I need to do.  This kind of thing focuses me and reminds me that to accomplish something I need to make it a concrete thing.  For me making something concrete involves writing it.


Day 2 - 30 depends on who wrote the list.

That the rest of the topics vary day to day and month to month is brilliant and makes the entire list process funner; it's like unwrapping a gift every single day.

Plus I had  an excuse to make another DIY Filofax inserts.  Love the insert but my vehement disgust with my printer (and printing in general) grows exponentially each time I print one of these.   


austinlinda 9/2/12, 7:10 AM  

Great post!

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