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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Printing inserts; the saga continues

Things are moving along with my inserts albeit painfully slow.  Printing them A5 sized on both front and back - so I get 4 inserts per page - remains a giant ink suck because I can't find the right settings although I'm closer.

This is a picassa screen shot of the latest (and best so far) print settings, it's not perfect but I did get two a5(ish)  images per side  (2 on one side, 2 on the other...)  The aren't spaced correctly in the middle and they aren't as big as when I printed them singularly.

I'm frustrated but things are moving in the right direction.

On a positive note, I found a great A4 paper to print on; Clairefontaine DCP 100 gram  8 1/4 X 11 3/4.   It came in a pack of 100 sheets for about $11.  Just put the name of the paper in an eBay search.

Decided to set the new inserts up in my Filofax Emerald Finsbury because I pretty much love that thing and it's been empty and forlorn. 

I stuck in a translucent envelope (punched) in the front  to hold some stamps, sticker, etc.  This makes it a more a functional filofax to me rather then something just storing pages.

I need a smaller overall  border and a bigger gutter in the middle. 

I like the one with the phone a lot....

This photo shows the size difference I'm getting when I print one as opposed to printing 4 to an A4 size sheet of paper.  The left side was printed today, the right was printed individually. I prefer the sizing on the right but I'm way printer-challenged.  Printing singular sheets wastes a lot of paper.  I may cut the A4 size in half and try to print them that way but I don't think that will help the gutter issue.

Then again, it might.  Printing is a mystery to me.

I added a way to track today's date on most of them.  This is perfect for me. 

Each sheet tracks days in different ways.  I like that they are different. 

Another version...

This paper is fabulous!  I wrote with a Lamy fountain pen on the flip side of this page and nothing came through, absolutely nothing. 

If I ever get these puppies to print the way I want and on this paper I'll be set forever!


Ray Blake 8/28/12, 2:02 PM  

You cannot print right to the edge of the paper on most printers. To get two A5 sheets printed right to the edge out of one A4 you'd have to print right to the edges of the A4 sheet. Because you can't your software is forcing you to respect the non-printing borders. You'll only be able to print your design at full A5 size as a single image on a pager bigger than A5 - Letter or A4 would do. If you're happy to live with borders, then A4 will make 2 A5 pages (with borders.)

Tracy Reinhardt 8/28/12, 2:38 PM  

Ray, this helps a lot. A whole lot. Seems like 'hard' borders are built in. I do have a borderless print option but I have tried it and it didn't seem to change anything - I'm going to look more closely at that and see if I can or can't. I'm guessing I can't.

The other thing I'm going to explore is sl. enlarging the graph image - that's what I most want true to size because it makes for easier writing.

I'm doing all the thru image files, not like the pilofaxy files which are documents so I also need to account for resolution.

You're a printer guru


Steve Morton 8/28/12, 5:58 PM  

This might help


Christine Witt (Brush Dance) 8/28/12, 8:36 PM  

I love Clairefontaine DCP - it's a great paper - you got a terrific price on it, too. (Either that or I got taken!)

Tracy Reinhardt 8/29/12, 4:30 PM  

Thanks steve - I'm going to print that page!

Christine - Good to know I got a deal, I had no idea!! And it's fabulous! You're right!

Matt 8/29/12, 4:37 PM  

Tracy, I love how you have really personalized your Filofax!! i am currently re-thinking and working on a new filofax set up following the recent arrival of my new A5 Cuban Zip!! your blog and videos have given me lots of inspiration - i look forward to reading your future posts!! regards Matt

Helen Conway 9/1/12, 4:33 AM  

Tracy, trycutting your paper to A5. Then design each side of the page as a seperate document. For pages that will be seen on the left of the flio use matgins of 0.5 cm and 2cm on the right edge. For pages that will be seen on the right your 2cm margin goes on the right, all the others are .5 cm. then when you prtint you can print say ten, or however many you want, of the right had side view, put the paper back in and print the left hand view. Its much easier than trying to print 2 pages on A4 if like me you cannnot fathom what to out where!

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