The Crazy Suburban Mom: Everything I know I learned from my Greyhound, #3

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Everything I know I learned from my Greyhound, #3

According to Lee Livingood, in her book Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies:   "Before the 1980s, nearly all racing Greyhounds were killed at the end of their careers. In the early 1980s, reputable industry people and public attention combined to focus attention on this problem. 

At that time, some conscientious breeders were already placing their Greyhounds in good homes at the ends of their careers, but there was no organized effort to do so. At one time, it was estimated that 60,000 Greyhounds were being destroyed each year. By the early 1990s, the industry began to provide estimates of the numbers of adoptions based on their records. In 1991, approximately 52,000 Greyhounds were born, but only 7,000 were adopted."

Decades later their future after a racing career is uncertain but I have hope this will change with increased awareness and adoptions.  Many people continue to think 'puppy' when they contemplate adding a dog to their family and others aren't willing to adopt a dog with health issues caused by a career ending injury (Most dogs aren't injured).

Ventura came to us with one surgery already and within the first year, he had three more.  Clearly he  wasn't the most adoptable dog in the lot but I wouldn't trade him for anything.

This picture was taken within half an hour of walking into our home.  We hadn't planned on taking him home and I'm sure it wasn't on his radar that day... but Ventura taught me... 

 No matter how bleak things look, today may be the day you meet your best friend ever.

For more information on greyhounds visit Greyhound Friends of NJ and their list of adoptable greyhounds is here.


Christine Witt (Brush Dance) 8/27/12, 6:51 PM  

I love this series. Everyone always tells us how lucky our greyhounds are that we adopted them - but we know the truth - WE are the lucky ones to have such wonderful companions.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/27/12, 10:23 PM  

Christine - I so agree with you. I've had so many people I meet say, thank you for adopting him. I'm the lucky one to have him in my life...


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