The Crazy Suburban Mom: Decluttering Command Center!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Decluttering Command Center!

This last week was the Annual Jersey Shore Declutter Fest.  I do it every year when my family goes to the beach.  I start cleaning the second they leave and work to up the second they come home.  ... No matter how hard I work, I never finish.

Housework is a cruel mistress...  

Physically it's always an intense week; a few years ago I  herniated a disk in my back moving furniture up and down the stairs.   I don't do that anymore.  

This was the first year I used my Filofax as a command center.  I wrote a to-do list for the week and it was very satisfying to mark things DONE!

I had some technical issues with the video.  I tried for hours yesterday to upload it and got no where, dropping the quality helped but I lost a few minutes of audio.   Maybe some day I will have the video thing down, but not today.


Lord Dodo 8/4/12, 7:46 AM  

So lovely to see the Dodo Pad diary popping up in your vid! And I love the huge arrows - I need some of those :0)

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