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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A few more Printable A5 Inserts

I ordered some A4 Clairefontaine paper over the weekend.  Hopefully that will put an end to the unpredictable way the inserts print.  In an effort to calm my nerves I made a few more...

They could be used as phone/address inserts but I didn't put a title on them; I like them a lot and might just want to use them as to-do sheets...

Yellow vintage desk phone...

And a second version of this one.

And a  pink one.

I kind of love this one.

If you try any of them please let me know if they are successful for you.  They were made in A5 size but if I can get this to work I'll make other sizes.

Clicking on them should get you a full size image, I can also send you the file.  I would love some feedback on these!


mstraat 8/21/12, 9:14 AM  

Where did you order the paper from? I cannot find a source for A4 except crummy copier paper. And your inserts are cool - fun to look at but not so it interferes with using them.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/21/12, 9:44 AM  

I searched 'a4 plain paper' and a4 printer paper' on ebay.

Thanks for the comment about the images not interfering - That was the plan. Hopefully it works out!

lee 8/22/12, 7:13 PM  

reposted because i put it under the wrong day!
i just moved and found my old filofax. it's a personal sized red leather richmond with just a few inserts dated 1997- sounds about right! i bought it on ebay around then and it came in the box with the tissue. how do i now if it is an a4, a5, whatever? i like your templates and would like to use this one again, but trick it out this time. i have some hello kitty duct tape i'm just dying to use and your pink page is so cute! not sure why i stopped using it...

Tracy Reinhardt 8/25/12, 7:43 AM  

lee - The philofaxy website has the sizes of planners and paper. Its a little different. If the papers approx 5 x 8 its an a5 though.

Smaller would be personal, bigger A4 but the exact measurements are at filofax or philofaxy

If you use the pages I made, let me know. I'm still tweaking them

Cheryl 8/27/12, 5:11 PM  

Ok you'll have to forgive me because I'm from the US so these A4 and A5 sizes confuse me at times. LOL The template that you provided should be printed on A5 or A4 paper? I have several A5 Filofaxes and am always looking for inserts, so thanks for providing these. I like them! So, are you saying to print these on A4 paper? Or when I click on the image can I print these on A5 paper providing I can find some? I'm not sure if these templates are meant for an A4 or an A5 planner...please excuse my confusion. Thanks!

Tracy Reinhardt 8/27/12, 10:21 PM  

Cheryl, I'm in the US too but learned a lot about paper sizes in the last few months (mostly from philofaxy :)

The inserts themselves should print to fit an A5 filofax - I have huge issues printing anything I'm not printing just one copy of.. If you save the file and print they should print the right size for your A5 - technically a4 paper is double the size of a5 so I bought a4 paper assuming it would be easy to print two to a page, and two on the back side.

So far I've just printed 2 on one size - ugh. still trying to get the back sides to print!

If they don't print right for you email me and I'll send you the file. Some are higher resolution and print better then others and they all print better with a 'better' ink setting.

I'd love to hear how you're using them. Still in the perfecting stage!


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