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Friday, July 13, 2012

Organ!zed, new uses for old things - Mug Tree

I bought two old 'mug trees' at a thrift shop the other day.  They are probably from the 1970's and pretty grubby.   I like patina as much as the next person but I draw the line at scuzzy.


I decided to paint them one at a time, since I didn't know if it would work.


I really like how they turned out.


I just love this color; just looking at it makes my blood pressure go down.


The painted one sure looks less gloomy, fresher....cleaner.


And it looks fab with my bangles hanging on it so...SCORE!

*Since I had the paint the entire project cost me only the price of the mug racks, less then four dollars.*


Steve Morton 7/13/12, 4:29 PM  

No longer Mug Trees... they are now a Vertical jewellery storage facility!

Tracy Reinhardt 7/13/12, 4:35 PM  

Steve, LOL! I love the term vertical jewelry storage facility! I did a post (or maybe two) on my son's room - called it the 'guitar containment facility! lol

Jill 7/13/12, 5:15 PM  

Great idea! Looks way better than the paper towel holder I bought at the buck store for my bracelets!

Lin 7/15/12, 9:53 PM  

VERY cute! I like the color too.

Babes Mami 7/17/12, 2:28 PM  

Love it!

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