The Crazy Suburban Mom: Meet my new zucchini!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet my new zucchini!

Remember that aqua A5 Finsbury I got for $20?  I talked about it here...  Here's the picture from the listing and to be fair, it was described as green, but look at it...


Got it Saturday and surprise!


It is green; very very green.

 Christmas green... Little green men from Mars green...  My face after eating bad food green.  All I can say is... 

Dear New Filo,

It's a good thing I love green 'cause...  You so green!



Yu 7/2/12, 3:47 PM  

Really?! So envious, I love that color!

terriknits 7/2/12, 3:50 PM  

That's crazy. How can a white balance go so wrong? It's VERY greeeeeeeen.

Tracy Reinhardt 7/2/12, 3:53 PM  

Yu, I do too. I didn't even know that was a filofax color - looking it up I think it's called emerald. It's not quite how I envision emerald, to me it's more spring green but I do love it

Terri, Right? LOL

Anita 7/2/12, 4:18 PM  

Gorgeous, gorgeous & gorgeous!
I've only ever the occasional emerald mini on eBay, but never in A5 :)

Tracy Reinhardt 7/2/12, 4:25 PM  

Anita, maybe thats because they are all listed with aqua pictures :)

Jenna 7/2/12, 6:35 PM  

eBay is like a box of chocolates....
Thankfully it was a pretty surprise!! I can't wait to see the magic happen :-)

Josh 7/2/12, 9:35 PM  

Oh my god! I LOVE that color! Greeeeeen! I'm green with envy!

Lime Tree 7/3/12, 12:08 AM  

That's so funny! But is beautiful! Love bright colors!

Jotje 7/3/12, 10:09 AM  

Laurie frim Plannerisms has the exact same Filofax!

Tracy Reinhardt 7/3/12, 12:57 PM  

Jenna, SO true!

Josh, I love it!

Lime tree, I think so too :)

Jotje - I found that last night. When I searched emerald finsbury A5 laurie was the only place it showed up and it was years ago. I guess this one is pretty darned rare!

Romina 7/4/12, 10:02 PM  

Gorgeous color and such a great surprise! Does it have that nice leather smell?

LJ 7/7/12, 11:31 AM  

Wow - that is such a fabulous clour!!! Enjoy!!!

Shannon Mateo 7/13/12, 5:57 PM  

I don't did they get it to photograph the other color....I don't WHAT!!! Good thing you like Green though because I would be livid if my teal planner showed up the color of Aliens

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