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Monday, July 2, 2012

Letting go of some Filo-phernalia

I made a few (too many) credit card pouches for my Pocket Filofax this week end.  Apparently, there's just so much cute you can stuff in before the rings protest and refuse to open and I'm running out of storage space in general.  What with all the paper, homemade rulers and clearance Filofaxes that I got over the last few months.

Red Riding Hood and the wolf (sold)

They all have a Red Riding Hood theme with a zip pocket on the long side.

And two slots in the back for credit cards.   Since my pocket Rio doesn't have credit card slots these are perfect for me.

Red Riding Hood with Basket  (keeping this one :)
But I can't use them all.

And just giggling  at them makes my family think I'm weird.

Red Riding Hood walking (Sold)
Make that weirder.

I figured I'd list them on Etsy.

Red Riding Hood and Grandma (sold)
But I know a lot of people liked these so I thought I'd offer them here first.

  If I don't pare down a bit my family will  put me out.

If anyone is interested in Red Riding Hood and the wolf,  Red Riding Hood walking, or Red Riding Hood and Grandma let me know.  My contact information can be found at the top behind the CONTACT tab.  (If any sell, I'll mark SOLD under the pictures)

Each one is $6 plus $2 shipping anywhere.  Payment by PayPal only but write me first.  I only have three to sell so wait for an invoice before making a payment.

I'll give it a few days to see if anyone is interested before I list them on Etsy ( I'll have to price hem a little higher on Etsy to cover their fees). 


Lime Tree 7/2/12, 10:25 AM  

Ooowww so cute! Do you have personal size?

Tracy Reinhardt 7/2/12, 10:40 AM  

Not in those but I might in a different pouch! I have to look, do you want me to let you know?


Lime Tree 7/2/12, 2:38 PM  

Yes please! I appreciate that. They are too cute!

Tracy Reinhardt 7/2/12, 4:03 PM  

Lime Tree, I don't have anything the perfect personal size. I have two that are going extend past a binder a little bit. But a little is probably too much. I'll see if I have anything that would work and let you know


M Ng 7/2/12, 9:32 PM  

Tracy, these are brilliant! Please also let me know if you find something that will work for personal sized. Thanks -- Mimi

Lin 7/3/12, 10:45 PM  

Those are so darn cute! I don't need one, but I LOVE them!

Saffy 7/7/12, 10:18 AM  

Oh no, you sold them already? Are you able to get more? I would love one of these.

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