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Friday, July 6, 2012

Filofax with some Ho! Ho! Ho!

Earlier this week I received an A5 Finsbury that sure looked aqua in the listing.

Turned out more the color of The Jolly Green Giant.

 He sells peas and says, Ho! Ho! Ho!



Not that I mind  the color, I'm a glass half-full sort of person and green is my favorite color.

And it looks perfect with my wallet.   The combination is so Preppie-80's I want to pop the collar on my polo shirt.

A5 finsbury emerald front cover

The rings are the same as my big boy so I set it up.  Just took everything that was in the A5 Malden and deposited in my new elf-like planner.   The  front has a mesh pocket, credit card slots and a long full length pocket.  The fabric  looks a lot like canned peas if you ask me but I rather like them.


The back side is the same configuration as a Malden A5.  I wish it had that long vertical pocket like a Finchley, I love that pocket.


It holds a lot although not as much as the Success Choice Binder with it's great big perfect rings.  A few days left to enter the Success Choice Giveaway here.


I put in all my random stuff; tickets, stamps, logos...


Labels, tags and what-nots...


And because  there is no such thing as too much of a cute thing,  I made a new fly leaf this morning.

back of flyleaf

This is the back.

There's all kinds of stuff inside now, Dodo-Inserts...


Graph paper and Success Choice Monthly focus pages...


It's a nice format and the paper is fab.

new filofax flyleaf

Made a new divider.

  I love it although it's so sweet my teeth kinda hurt looking at it...

new filofax ruler

Made a new bookmark too...

back of ruler

Turned out it's not stiff enough so I just taped it to a Filofax ruler. It's a hot mess on the back but I love the front.

unused filofax pages

Still keeping my extra sheets together with the back cover of a hacked notebook.  This was and is perfect because an elastic was part of the back cover.

To me this binder (which I understand is hard to find) is more appealing then the grey Malden although I get that it's not for everyone; bright green not being everyone's taste.   But to me it's the bomb.  

A large green bomb, but a bomb none the less.

*Crossing my fingers that I can get a video of it up today.*


Jenna 7/6/12, 3:14 PM  

As usual, I am in love with your ideas and creativity!!

Romina 7/7/12, 10:25 AM  

Tracy, you pages are always so colorful and fun. I think i need to get some pretty washi tape to decorate my pages a bit. Where do you buy yours?

Romina 7/7/12, 10:25 AM  

Tracy, you pages are always so colorful and fun. I think i need to get some pretty washi tape to decorate my pages a bit. Where do you buy yours?

Cheryl 7/8/12, 9:48 PM  

I find this whole green binder thing so funny...the comparisons to green peas and elfs. Cracking me up. Well I love turquoise and aqua so much so I might have been a little disappointed if it were me; however you can't say its not colorful and I bet it looks pretty great in person. So I'm guessing the ring size is the same as the Malden? The rings sizes always get me confused...I shop on the US website and they are not consistent with their stated ring size. I just got an A5 Finchley on ebay and I thought the rings were going to be bigger than they are. Your planner looks so fun!

WiniC 7/10/12, 10:06 PM  

You'll never lose such a bright Filofax - PLUS you'll alwways know it's yours ;)

Cheryl 7/10/12, 10:33 PM  

By the way, I'm guessing you are re-punching the Success Planner pages to fit the A5? Ahhhh, life would be so much easier if Filofax had just used 3 or 7 rings but I guess that's a USA thing. So many awesome fillers that don't fit my A5 binders and I have no patience punching new holes (plus the plastic inserts get caught in the hole punch!!!). Do you have a hole punch you really like? Thanks!

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