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Monday, July 16, 2012

Albert Einstein: On Dodo Pad usage

Over the last few months I've tried to find the perfect method to track my vitamins, water, and various other health/diet related things.  I haven't posted about it because nothing I did felt right.  I tried making graphs, using downloaded printables, just writing it out and really, nothing worked.  Or felt like it would work long term.

I think my problem came down to over thinking...  I got too detail specific. It had to have a million little sections that would be easy to use and could hold all the information neatly, plus take into account everything I wanted to track now ...and for eternity.

Basically,  I got bogged down in minutia.   Striving for perfection gums up the works.

My works anyway...

The other day I tried using the Week on One Page Dodo Grid and I've hit on something. 

I write what I want to track across the top and use the daily squares to tick off what I've done/taken.   I use each section to track multiple things and run a highlighter across the bottom to track liquid (C is coffee, T is tea and W is water).  Whenever I drink something I just write the appropriate letter in the highlighted area. 

Why I think this will work:
  1. I already have them so I don't have to buy anything.
  2. It's very easy to manage
  3. Everything fits in my A5 Filofax perfectly.
  4. I'm no longer searching for THE PERFECT SOLUTION which made me a little crazy and was getting time consuming. 
  5. It's  customizable week to week. If something changes ( For example: Adding or removing a category ) I can  alter what I write in the top grid the following week.  That means I'm not constantly making new forms.
  6. It's a lot easier tracking my liquid intake now.  I was forever allotting too much or not enough room for this.
  7. The Dodo Inserts make me happy.

For all the reasons above I think I can track like this indefinitely.  I know everyone doesn't need a way to track diet/health things but I could see tracking anything like this; habit-building, chores, exercise, meal ideas...  Anything you want to accomplish daily. 

As Albert Einstein said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Yes, so true and I think he'd approve of my solution.


Helen Conway 7/21/12, 3:40 AM  

This is the first post about a Dodo pad tha made me see why I might want one. Can't decide if that is good or bad!

industrious housewife 7/21/12, 8:13 AM  

Great use of the Dodo Pad! I've been trying and failing to use mine for meal planning, but habit tracking is perfect!

Shanti (aka Shanananana) 7/22/12, 8:31 PM  

Casio Baby G & G-Shock watches have 5 alarms (check the model before you buy, obviously) which I found helpful when having to stick to a regime of meds for my dog recently, would something like that be an additional help?

And a friend used to wear 8 stretchy bracelets on her right hand, then swap one to the left with every galss of water drunk, I don't think she still does it but it was an interesting and simple way to keep track!

LJ 7/24/12, 2:22 PM  

I use my Dodopad to log my food and exercise (very little) - or did until I went to the UK and decided to take a personal instead of my usual A5 with me (and with the amount I ate while I was on holiday I think I would have needed to upgrade to an A4 - oops!!!) I have tried to keep an eye on the amount of water I drink, but haven't found a way - very pleased to see that you have come up with a solution - I will definitely be adding this to mine - thank you :o)

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