The Crazy Suburban Mom: Why I love Nutrisystem and Nutrisystem Select giveaway!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I love Nutrisystem and Nutrisystem Select giveaway!!

My time on Nutrisystem is coming to an end and I wanted to write a post about my wonderful experience and give back to everyone who has followed me!  

 So, why Nutrisytem? 

There are certainly many plans around and a ton of weight loss advice; just google 'diet' and you'll get almost 600 MILLION results.   I want to make this post a capsule of things I learned while on Nutrisystem.  

Weight loss isn't just stepping on the scale, it's changing the things you do that get you what you don't want in order to get what you really, really want.  

1. Don't focus on where you're not, focus on what you've accomplished.  Too much emphasis on how far you have to go is self-defeating.   Joy can be had in just zipping your jeans without working up a sweat or not being painfully stuffed when you finish eating.  

2.Take advantage of all resources available.  Nutrisystem is on Facebook and Twitter.  Their website is a fountain of positive reinforcement.  One of my favorite parts of the site is  Daily Dose and one of my favorite things about Nutrisystem is how responsive they are on social media.

3. Put yourself first.  Make what you need and desire most  your top priority.  If you don't who will?

4. Make over your mindset.  If you make over your mind, your thighs will follow.  The Nutrisystem Mindset Makeover is the behavior modification part of the plan and it's crucial.   Pay attention to each positive change  and celebrate them as successes!   I feel better about myself now, my WHOLE self, not just my physical self. 

5. Cookies happen.  Be kind to yourself, put a period at the end of the cookies and move on.  If you break a dish you don't throw out the entire set.  Look at slips the same way.

6.  Food is just food, not an event.  There's a lot of delicious food around, no question.  I enjoyed the Nutrisystem food a lot, some of it rocked my socks off.  I really looked forward to eating (surprise, surprise!) the dinner entrees (A few of the frozen one's I could eat every day!)  The doughnuts made every morning fun and I loved the shakes they just came out with. But you have to have perspective; food is just food.  If you spend your life following your stomach your stomach will get easier and easier to see.

7.  Don't tell me what a portion is, put it in a box and mail it to me. Portion control is a cheeky monkey and for me, just keeps getting bigger and bigger over time.  Sure, at first, I measure and weigh but over time.... I start guesstimating.    With Nutrisystem I  got my food perfectly sized, beginning to end. 

To find out more, call 888-853-4689.

Nutrisystem wants to send 
one person 10 days of Nutrisystem Select (fresh frozen meals) plus the new protein  shakes and shaker bottle!


You must be at least 18 years old.  

Not a Nutrisystem employee (or their family members).

You must meet eligibility requirements to be on Nutrisystem 

 Applicable only to continental US 

This giveaway is sponsored by Nutrisystem.  No Cash Value


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