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Friday, June 22, 2012

Playing Musical Filofaxes

Ever since my Filo Feeding Frenzy when I was bad (very, very bad) I've been in a constant state of Filo Flux; every few days I try a new one to see if I can make it work.  I'm not quite at the bottom line but I'm close.  

Here's what I learned: 

1.  Using a mini is like trying to plan my day on a matchbook.
2.  The pocket is way more useful then I ever expected. 
3.  I can can use two at the same time (A real surprise!) and I kinda like it.
4.  My favorite one is STILL my decades old Portland personal.
5.  The rings on the small ones are much less likely to be hot mess; lining up perfectly and closing with a satisfying snap time after time.
6.  It's easier to make  items for smaller Filofaxes.
7.  The new pocket size holds wider pens then my old Portland.
8.  If I buy this many again, someone spank me; I'm hopelessly addicted.

I used both the Pocket Olympic Line Burst and Rio over the last two weeks (and the mini Capri for about an hour) Both pockets worked as wallets really, really well.  The Rio has a slight edge because of the full-length back pocket for bills but the Line Burst has aqua on white inserts and the best Filofax ruler I've ever seen so it's kind of a wash.


Isn't it a doozie?

The only glitch I had with pockets (and it's not a huge deal) is Filofax doesn't seem to reformat inserts; they just size them down.  That doesn't matter on all pages but trying to write on some of them is ... well, just silly.

pocket filofax insert

See what I mean?

I was trying to track things like water intake, vitamins, meds, etc. on this insert and while doable (A chore, but doable) it should be so much easier.  If I want to continue in a pocket I might hit up Steve and Ray  for something to track my attempts at healthy habit building.  Would anyone else be interested in something like this?  I don't want to bug them for just me...

Since I'm using a smaller one in conjuction with the big boy (A5 Malden) I thought I'd give my personal Portland another shot, this time as a wallet.

 The Filofax financial sheets are graphed similarly to the one's from the Line Burst.


I taped off the topics on top and wrote in my own headings.   There is much more space but I'm not sure yet if that's just a function of it being a personal size page.  Carrying around a personal is fine  (since my purse is as big as a bowling bag)  but as a wallet...  I think a pocket might suit me better.

I'm going to give it a week and see because (besides just loving my Portland) a personal size seems to be the easiest to customize in all respects.

jetpens index label

Wide top tabs fit... I had to cut them for use in my pocket.  And look how cute the birdies are sitting up there. (They are from Jet Pens here)


Also a personal has more room for a fly leaf dashboard.  In the last week I've needed it twice with items that aren't sticky (business cards) and it was a problem.  Now I keep my Memopit repositional Index labels stuck to the flyleaf and they are perfect!

And there's a lot of room for my paper clips too if I want to just clip something in, which I do a lot.  


I think the bottom line will be going back to one of the pockets (either the Line Burst or the Pink Rio) but I do like to take my personal out for a spin every once in a while.   

As to my other clearance Filos...  I hate to see them laying around unloved, it's so sad.  I'll probably end up selling them. Sigh.  I hope that teaches me a lesson next time I feel a Filo Feeding Frenzy coming on.  

But I kinda doubt it...


Ray Blake 6/23/12, 12:31 PM  

What is it you need in what size? I'm sure I can do something.

Barry 6/24/12, 12:52 PM  

Hi Tracy, I certainly would be interested in purchasing the Sunflower Piazza off you if you were indeed looking to part with it - always wanted one of those :) Barry

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