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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Olympics: On Filofax

I just received a London 2012 Line Burst Pocket Organizer from Philofaxy (and while I'm not Olympic material per se), it's so me.  

The description reads:  Celebrate the London 2012 Games with the vibrant Line Burst personal organiser. Packed with fun and informative sporting information, a unique diary, games facts and figures, maps, stickers and key London 2012 information.  

It's pretty fab 

I love the colors, aqua and teal.

Only the front has a logo.

There is a double elastic that's flexible but sturdy. I don't have a Domino but I assume it's a similar band.  I was leery of the elastic-banded Filofaxes but this doesn't feel like it will stretch out anytime soon. 

And look at these dividers!  I hope this is a direction Filofax will take with accessories looking forward. The inserts, colors, pages ... Everything is so graphically appealing.

Inside are a ton of fun facts specific to the Olympic Games.

The map is amazing, love the artwork.

And the inserts are way fun.

I love this insert, it's a personal fitness planner.  It looks like it was just sized-down from personal which is a downside.  Compared to a pen point, yeah.  Pretty small.

 I'm channeling my inner lilliputian so I can write on the head of a pin and so far, so good.

The main graphic image is this one;  it's fantastic and in a few places.

It's on the ruler, which rocks.  

And on the stickers.

This is the Filofax card that comes with it, so much cooler then the black ones you usually get.  You can't tell from the picture but there is a holographic image in the upper right corner.

And a lot of the pages are teal on white. Love.

I especially like the teal lines on white paper.  I looked around for refills but nope, you can't buy these things unless you're getting the whole planner (unfortunately).  I would so buy these pages again and again.

My guess is this sheet is a daily sheet or a page for taking notes.  I'm using it for to-do lists at the moment.  

And P.S. if you want to add twinkling stars to your day, try a Copic Micro Glass Glitter Marker from Jetpens.

Isn't that amazing?

Thank you, Philofaxy. The London 2012 Line Burst Pocket Organiser is Aqualicious Heaven!

*Price at Filofax Uk is £32.00 for the pocket and £37.00 for the personal HERE*


Nancy 6/3/12, 11:41 AM  

Very enjoyable post. I hadn't realized that the inserts would be so different from the typical Filofax inserts, very cool.

I can relate to channeling your inner Liliputian!

Tracy Reinhardt 6/3/12, 11:47 AM  

Nancy, they are SO different! Wish I could re-buy some of these, I totally would. And I bet lots of people would

Josh 6/3/12, 11:08 PM  

I agree, those dividers and inserts are much better than the regular ffx stuff! Great post, great pictures, as usual!

LJ 6/9/12, 12:30 AM  

Love the inserts in the Olympic FFs - and totally need to get me one of those pens - that is amazing!!!

Ashleigh 6/9/12, 11:56 AM  

Hi Tracy must say I love your blog posts! I agree with all the above the inserts are so colourful thank you for sharing Ash x

Tracy Reinhardt 6/9/12, 12:11 PM  

Nancy - PS they are so much nicer then 'normal' inserts. So much more graphically appealing. But man, size-down pocket inserts are hard. Don't even start me on the mini!

Josh - the dividers are terrific~

LJ - Get one of the pens, $14! So reasonable!

Ashleigh - Thank you so much!

Alison 6/9/12, 5:13 PM  

Love it in the Aqua colour, I have it in pink personal, I just can't bring myself to use it, so wish there were replacement inserts available!!

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