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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Filofax Dividers with a guilt chaser...

Greeting cards make great Filofax dividers but there is a downside; they're kinda expensive. The cheapest  card store cards are about a dollar and some are over five.  Do I really want a  set of $30 dividers? 
Frivolous as that is, I kinda do.

 Is it bad to spend a little  more to end up with dividers that make me happy every time I look at them?  

 Most cards are a good size for personal dividers on down (although some were pocket on down).  And it was easy, I just cut the cards using a flyleaf as a template.  That way I could see what I was doing and  figure out image placement.   Just stuck the flyleaf to the card with washi tape and cut away.  

You don't have to use washi tape but it comes off easy; masking tape would probably work too.  

I don't cut tabs into my dividers anymore because cutting dividers with tabs is a time suck.  Tabs take more planning, are hard to cut well, and mine always end up randomly leaning.

There are so many repositionable tabs around it didn't make sense to bother with cutting out tabs  Also, without the tabs  I can  move them, add another section or remove them.    

Guilt was setting in so I tried to mitigate my extravagance by saving somewhere else. 

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

I made some pocket sized graph pages from a Moleskine  I cut apart. The cahier line is thread bound and very easy to get apart.  A pocket page makes a great template (above) and there's enough space for two pages per sheet (the Moleskine pages are in a stack).

The measurement came out to 16 1/2 squares across and 24 squares down for  and I made a dot to show me where to punch.

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

They look great and solve a problem I had.

The line spacing on proper pocket paper ...Try saying that three times fast... is on the eency side but cutting down a 'regular' sized piece of paper gave me something I'm happier writing on.

 Look! I can write my normal size.

It will also be  cheaper then branded paper in the long run.  The Moleskine Cahier Squared Notebook comes  in a set of 3 for $12.95, each has 40 sheets/80 sides. If I cut them all apart I have 12o sheets.  Since I get two pocket pages per sheet, a set will provide 240 Pocket Sized Pages for under thirteen dollars...

Filofax's graph paper would cost... um, more.  My math skills are exhausted  from figuring out how many pages I get from a Moleskine... Of course the Filofax paper doesn't require all that fiddling and effort but  with the money I saved cutting and punching I feel  less guilty about my $30 set of dividers.

I mean, c'mon.  Who can look at sock monkeys and feel guilty?


Jenna 6/25/12, 10:01 AM  

i <3 your hacks sooooo much, you are my BIGGEST FILO inspiration!!!

Nancy 6/25/12, 10:41 PM  

Very clever! So cute. And I do the same with cutting and punching Clairfontaine lined paper. The lines are juuuuust right for my somewhat large writing. As for justifying how much you spend on something... we all 'waste' money (meaning: spend it on non-essentials). Some spend it on food, some on drink, some on travel, some on clothing, etc. What it comes down to is: can you pay your bills? If so, then I think it's your own business what you spend money on! Personally, I think spending money on something that gives you pleasure every time you handle it is a pretty positive expenditure - high benefits versus costs.

LJ 6/30/12, 12:25 AM  

Sock monkeys!!! Total awesomeness!!! I bought a huge stack of postcards to use as dividers, but haven't been able to bring myself to punch holes in them, I clearly have issues... :-D

Alison 6/30/12, 3:46 PM  

Me too LJ, must get over it though because it's a great idea :)

Cindy 7/1/12, 1:49 AM  

Ha! I understand wanting pretty dividers. Every time I think my binder needs a makeover, I buy all new scrapbooking paper pads. (I could use the leftover paper in my old pads, but where's the fun in that?)

I've been wondering if there is a cheaper way to get refills. I've been looking for notebooks that carry perfectly sized A5 paper, once the notepaper has been torn out. I've found a bunch, but they are quite expensive, or at least, as expensive as the Filofax brand, and with the Filofax brand at least I don't have to punch my own holes. Glad the Moleskine paper is working out for you--maybe that's what I need to do!

Love the sock monkeys!

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