The Crazy Suburban Mom: Filofax Capri Mini: Class act to be sure.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Filofax Capri Mini: Class act to be sure.

I've been using a pocket Filofax  as a wallet for a few weeks (Loves it) .  While a pocket size  planner will never replace a big one for me;  I've come to terms with my need to roam over expansive papery planes and compulsion to fill big rings till they scream, "UNCLE!  

But little's pretty great too.


The long slot across the back says - HELLO! WALLET! - to me and it's so portable.  It's  light-weight and makes having a Filofax with me, easy.   I still haul around the big boy but with a pocket, I don't have to.

I decided to try one of the other Filofaxes I got on clearance because, well - They are here and I need to do something with them or let them go.  I don't want to keep stuff just to keep stuff anymore.  


The pink one was the only pocket.  One was a personal (don't even know what I was thinking getting it, after dealing with my Portland there's no way I'll ever love another...) and the rest were minis.   I think the three minis all have the long pocket for bills but the Capri seemed more wallety.


I didn't realize it was a mini until I got home.  When I sit it on top of my pocket, you can't even see the Rio underneath (above)




The outside is soft black leather, the inside a light tan suede. 

The left side has three roomy pockets.


The right side has one even roomier pocket.


The back outside has a zippered pocket that won't open enough to be useful.  This would be a perfect pocket for change if you could get in there but you can't.  Totally not feeling this outside pocket. 


The long bill pocket is nice, lots of space. 


It has a strap with a buckle detail I really like.  The Capri zips and the strap is very much like the one's you'd find on a wristlet.  


Laying flat isn't it's strong suit but it can if I insist.

I just set it up this morning but I think the pink one will work better for me.  I don't like zippers much; even cool belty looking ones and the mini sized pages are eency.   If I have to use that paper for more then the occasional note,  I might lose my mind.

Didn't stop me from making some dividers though.  I especially like this one.


But I think my new sock monkey one is my favorite divider of all time. 


Sock monkeys  rule.


Anonymous,  6/19/12, 4:55 PM  

Oh man, that Capri is awesome! I've never seen one like it, especially not in person in a store. So jealous!

Tracy Reinhardt 6/19/12, 5:43 PM  

J, I don't think it's been made for a while - The inserts were dated 2006 so it was made before that. The store had them on clearance because they didn't sell - They were dumping them all but they'd had filos for as long as I can remember so a lot of them were pretty old stock.

Lenore Webb 6/19/12, 7:14 PM  

I think it is time for me to go back to a filo for my blog reviews. I used to use one when I was in the buiness world eons ago. I currently have a monthly calender from the $ store that I have been trying to keep up with what I need to do. What filo do you recommend that is functional and still very affordable?

Romina 6/23/12, 10:45 AM  

Love those sock monkeys!

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