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Monday, June 11, 2012

Epic Decluttering

At this very moment I'm in the middle of an epic decluttering effort.

Every few months the United War Veteran's Council, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, or the Lupus Foundation calls to let me know they'll have a truck in my area, Do I have anything to donate?

  Most times I dig up something just to help but in the back of my mind I know I've got more.  Lots more.

Recently I've felt like the act of cleaning was more moving piles of crap around then cleaning anything.  Spaces got cleared but nothing got cleaned.   I'd move stuff around every morning and by night it was 52 card pick-up.  

At the end of last week I was at my limit.  Nothing ever got clean, I'm exhausted from trying, and the places I stashed stuff were full to busting.  Something had to give...


Four boxes and five bags ready for donation is too much excess.

Over the week-end I made a lot of hard decisions; I got rid of stuff I didn't want, stuff I did want, stuff I'd planned to sell and stuff that was around because I hadn't decided what to do with it.

I got rid of stuff I planned on keeping but didn't know what for, things I had too many of, and things I liked (or loved)  but never used.   I expected to feel anxious after putting some of it in a garbage bag but I was wrong.  Once the decision was made to let it go, I felt free.  And the bigger the giveaway pile got, the freer I felt.

Looking at donation pile is overwhelming.  I have to figure out how this happened so I don't repeat the mistake.  If I had to guess how it got this bad... I think I had too much in limbo while I didn't make decisions.

What's in these bags? ( I'm not even sure... ) I feel like I wasted so much time and money amassing things that didn't improve my life.  Managing it all got to be a huge drain.


Looking at all the stuff ready to go is odd.  I feel lighter somehow and more able breathe but also a little sad.  The weird thing is when I look in places where the things were, it's still crowded.  

Clearly, I still need to let go things but this will have to do for now.  I'll have to do this again soon but it's going to be harder.  Don't know how I will ever let go of more... Although I'm surprised I got rid of so much this time. 

Epic decluttering is hard and probably should be followed closely by a Valium Chaser but I do recommend it; empty space is the bomb.

*PS - There's also FIVE bags of pure garbage outside waiting for pick-up. *


Anonymous,  6/11/12, 4:47 PM  

TOTALLY know how you feel on this one! I'm currently cleaning all of my childhood junk out of my stepfather's house before he sells, and it has been the most rewarding/stressful process ever. There is so much I want to keep, but have no use/room for, and so much I know I could sell, but don't have the time and energy to do with a full time job and full time wedding planning.

But I definitely hear you- seeing all of those bags headed off to the garbage or donation trucks is very freeing!!!

Tracy Reinhardt 6/11/12, 5:20 PM  

J - I feel very much like you described. Its so hard to part with things you could use, or sell, or something... But in the end - yep, have to face that I don't have the time or energy

Babes Mami 6/11/12, 8:10 PM  

Keep it up! You will be day!

Doris 6/14/12, 1:32 AM  

I loved both the Rio set-up process, and the de-cluttering. I NEED to purge 2x a year or I get piles of stuff every day. I agree with you, it's freeing and liberating. Cheers.

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