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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Enabling 101

Searching for Filofaxes on eBay is a bit wonky, at best.  Occasionally all the information is there but most of the time  item specifics are missing.  I've found many listings with bad pictures and  missing model names.  It could be a Filofax but it also might be tuna fish sandwich.

This one for example, was listed as "A5 Filofax date book organizer"

The main picture doesn't help at all.

But this second one....  Yeah, Baby!  It was love at first site; $20 Buy it now with $2 shipping? 

It's hard to find what you want unless you're willing to put in the most vague search terms and just look at them all. Listing is very far from an exact science.  The word 'Filofax' equals planner to many people and not necessarily a Filofax Branded item.   Sometimes they are just listed as 'organizer', 'diary', 'agenda' or 'planner'.  They may be listed in the office supply category, but also accessories... Or even wallets.

Color is are all over the place, searching for aqua is especially hard since a lot of them are listed as blue or green or teal.   Cream color is unusually  listed as tan or off white... Pink can get you purple, raspberry, fuchsia, or red.... And most of the Filos in the yellow family are simply called 'yellow'

After my purchase I continued to look because well, you know,  Filofax addiction is a cruel mistress. But to make something positive out of obsession I thought it might be a good post  and since I search all the time, I might do this again.  

The pictures are print screen captures and clicking on them will take you to the listing.

Red Adelphi with insertGBP 5.00

No name on this one but the listing says 'real calf'  £7.50

No idea what this one is.. but it's £9.99.

Mulberry..£15.00 (that's cheap, I think?)

Looks like a Classic with roses, I kinda love this one£50.00

Textured Domino Mix £19.25

Yellow Finsbur£1.04

Domino Grape (comes with note paper, telephone pages, address pages, to do pages and ruler/page marker. Starting bid £0.99)

I thought these were worth a closer look because you never know; one of these might be a real gem that you can't live without.


Jenna 6/27/12, 9:49 AM  

I just bought a blue A5 Finsbury, and it is GOGEOUS... I love it in every way!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with her... I am still tricking mine out ;-)

Jenna 6/27/12, 9:58 AM  
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Tracy Reinhardt 6/27/12, 10:12 AM  

My big problem is I'm a total sucker for aqua - well, pink too but especially aqua! I think this one has big rings like the malden so my plan is to use this one and use my malden to store pages, I have pages EVERYWHERE!

Lord Dodo 6/27/12, 11:15 AM  

OMG - the Real leather one looks JUST like my old Filofax from more years ago than I am prepared to admit. And with a clasp - I could do away with my rubber bands on my Cross Slimline!!! Now that would be good :)

Tracy Reinhardt 6/27/12, 11:18 AM  

Lord Dodo, are you going to go for it?


Lord Dodo 6/27/12, 12:02 PM  

Am too busy trying to keep up with work right now - and have a good supply of bands to keep me going!! :)

But great blog post and so much out there if you know where/how to look....

Shanti (aka Shanananana) 6/30/12, 2:15 AM  

"Pink can get you purple, raspberry, fuchsia, or red...."

Even more annoyingly, very few people know how to spell "fuchsia" - it often ends up "fuschia" and so on!

(Mind you, I didn't myself until I had to do a search for something that shade... lol!)

That rose classic is really nice, wouldn't work for me but it's a real stunner to look at!

Cruz Johnson 7/4/13, 4:32 AM  

The 'real calf' one might be a Marks & Spencer-brand organiser, Tracy. Also, I think the one after that is a Pocket Finsbury, but I might be wrong.

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