The Crazy Suburban Mom: Ad of the day, Esterbrook Fountain Pens, June 7, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ad of the day, Esterbrook Fountain Pens, June 7, 2012

I found this ad for Esterbrook Pens in with some old  National Geographic Magazines.  I've never seen an ad for fountain pens before.  

 Richard Esterbrook  started the The Steel Pen Manufacturing Company and by 1858 he was the only pen manufacturer in the USA.

 Esterbook pens changed names and ownership a few time.  In 1858 the name was changed to The Esterbrook Steel Pen Mfg. Co

 In  1896 ( the year after Esterbrook died) the company opened a branch in England.

Fountain pens were getting popular in the 1920's because people were tired of dipping pens into ink.

Don't blame them...

Esterbrook was around until 1972.  The last change was in 1967 when it was purchased by Venus Pencil Company. 

Since I didn't have the magazine, only the ad, I found a clue to the date on the image and  reverse side.  To me the ad looks like it was around Christmas; the text is about buying a pen as a gift and the artwork looks like a Christmas tree.

The reverse page had this ad.

If you look close...

There is a date, 1955.  

My guess is the ad was from a National Geographic magazine somewhere between August and December 1954.


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